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Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h IDR Capitalization IDR
May-31 2023 Rp14,919.87 Rp14,910.59 Rp14,959.59 Rp14,922.53 Rp284,124,274,680,093 Rp1,241,099,378,007,774
May-30 2023 Rp14,918.03 Rp14,907.39 Rp14,926.04 Rp14,917.83 Rp227,206,781,076,758 Rp1,240,326,879,908,123
May-26 2023 Rp14,922.66 Rp14,917.38 Rp14,934.23 Rp14,924.89 Rp221,781,912,519,037 Rp1,239,522,462,273,292
May-25 2023 Rp14,916.57 Rp14,907.32 Rp14,941.19 Rp14,923.70 Rp290,108,810,816,798 Rp1,239,016,355,660,391
May-24 2023 Rp14,922.14 Rp14,913.33 Rp14,950.55 Rp14,918.02 Rp236,144,204,038,176 Rp1,238,939,472,444,591
May-22 2023 Rp14,922.68 Rp14,912.07 Rp14,939.85 Rp14,918.17 Rp179,054,403,248,063 Rp1,237,374,853,889,548
May-21 2023 Rp14,925.04 Rp14,909.41 Rp14,928.24 Rp14,924.87 Rp141,039,896,829,395 Rp1,237,495,595,263,770
May-19 2023 Rp14,917.83 Rp14,910.99 Rp14,926.90 Rp14,918.38 Rp259,613,419,601,207 Rp1,236,045,604,697,525
May-18 2023 Rp14,916.37 Rp14,907.81 Rp14,926.60 Rp14,916.62 Rp286,861,552,363,631 Rp1,235,752,923,724,818
May-16 2023 Rp14,919.19 Rp14,906.45 Rp14,950.62 Rp14,917.57 Rp233,928,691,948,553 Rp1,235,646,654,997,521
May-15 2023 Rp14,915.04 Rp14,903.74 Rp14,926.05 Rp14,917.09 Rp220,860,089,422,541 Rp1,235,072,882,702,705
May-14 2023 Rp14,920.16 Rp14,913.29 Rp14,928.19 Rp14,916.13 Rp172,140,666,941,287 Rp1,235,348,174,482,258
May-13 2023 Rp14,920.67 Rp14,908.62 Rp14,935.26 Rp14,919.66 Rp303,487,160,961,609 Rp1,235,389,832,133,728
May-11 2023 Rp14,925.47 Rp14,918.02 Rp14,938.23 Rp14,931.13 Rp380,558,386,614,222 Rp1,233,030,104,871,786
May-08 2023 Rp14,931.24 Rp14,925.05 Rp15,040.27 Rp14,977.14 Rp269,471,020,268,169 Rp1,225,681,956,260,405
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 14904.44356 IDR.