Market Cap HK$9.53T 1.98%
Volume 24h HK$544.30B 35.6%
BTC % 44.27% 0.33%
ETH % 18.69% 0.58%
Coins 22.415 +78
Exchanges 839
Last update 42 Seconds ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h HKD Capitalization HKD
May-26 2023 HK$7.838 HK$7.835 HK$7.844 HK$7.839 HK$116,490,815,928 HK$651,058,426,500
May-25 2023 HK$7.835 HK$7.830 HK$7.848 HK$7.839 HK$152,379,478,092 HK$650,792,594,306
May-24 2023 HK$7.838 HK$7.833 HK$7.853 HK$7.836 HK$124,034,600,895 HK$650,752,211,444
May-22 2023 HK$7.838 HK$7.833 HK$7.847 HK$7.836 HK$94,048,217,426 HK$649,930,396,490
May-21 2023 HK$7.839 HK$7.831 HK$7.841 HK$7.839 HK$74,081,120,833 HK$649,993,815,824
May-19 2023 HK$7.836 HK$7.832 HK$7.840 HK$7.836 HK$136,361,792,229 HK$649,232,209,153
May-18 2023 HK$7.835 HK$7.830 HK$7.840 HK$7.835 HK$150,673,857,546 HK$649,078,478,648
May-16 2023 HK$7.836 HK$7.830 HK$7.853 HK$7.835 HK$122,870,904,505 HK$649,022,661,063
May-15 2023 HK$7.834 HK$7.828 HK$7.840 HK$7.835 HK$116,006,628,902 HK$648,721,287,511
May-14 2023 HK$7.837 HK$7.833 HK$7.841 HK$7.835 HK$90,416,781,597 HK$648,865,884,353
May-13 2023 HK$7.837 HK$7.831 HK$7.845 HK$7.837 HK$159,406,448,445 HK$648,887,765,009
May-11 2023 HK$7.840 HK$7.836 HK$7.846 HK$7.843 HK$199,888,063,284 HK$647,648,319,686
May-08 2023 HK$7.843 HK$7.839 HK$7.900 HK$7.867 HK$141,539,491,040 HK$643,788,709,055
May-07 2023 HK$7.849 HK$7.846 HK$7.856 HK$7.853 HK$148,901,212,697 HK$644,259,985,613
May-06 2023 HK$7.849 HK$7.831 HK$7.849 HK$7.839 HK$166,513,263,338 HK$644,194,313,308
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 7.82855 HKD.