Market Cap CN¥8.49T 0.53%
Volume 24h CN¥419.53B -15.29%
BTC % 43.72% -0.29%
ETH % 18.84% 0.42%
Coins 22.755 +67
Exchanges 839
Last update 20 Seconds ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h CNY Capitalization CNY
May-31 2023 CN¥7.102 CN¥7.097 CN¥7.121 CN¥7.103 CN¥135,242,866,237 CN¥590,762,043,670
May-30 2023 CN¥7.101 CN¥7.096 CN¥7.105 CN¥7.101 CN¥108,150,197,078 CN¥590,394,335,359
May-26 2023 CN¥7.103 CN¥7.101 CN¥7.109 CN¥7.104 CN¥105,567,965,153 CN¥590,011,433,382
May-25 2023 CN¥7.100 CN¥7.096 CN¥7.112 CN¥7.104 CN¥138,091,499,361 CN¥589,770,527,148
May-24 2023 CN¥7.103 CN¥7.099 CN¥7.116 CN¥7.101 CN¥112,404,401,332 CN¥589,733,930,816
May-22 2023 CN¥7.103 CN¥7.098 CN¥7.111 CN¥7.101 CN¥85,229,714,127 CN¥588,989,173,972
May-21 2023 CN¥7.104 CN¥7.097 CN¥7.106 CN¥7.104 CN¥67,134,847,673 CN¥589,046,646,744
May-19 2023 CN¥7.101 CN¥7.098 CN¥7.105 CN¥7.101 CN¥123,575,724,108 CN¥588,356,452,707
May-18 2023 CN¥7.100 CN¥7.096 CN¥7.105 CN¥7.100 CN¥136,545,807,635 CN¥588,217,136,861
May-16 2023 CN¥7.102 CN¥7.095 CN¥7.116 CN¥7.101 CN¥111,349,819,827 CN¥588,166,553,054
May-15 2023 CN¥7.100 CN¥7.094 CN¥7.105 CN¥7.101 CN¥105,129,178,295 CN¥587,893,438,025
May-14 2023 CN¥7.102 CN¥7.099 CN¥7.106 CN¥7.100 CN¥81,938,782,666 CN¥588,024,476,632
May-13 2023 CN¥7.102 CN¥7.096 CN¥7.109 CN¥7.102 CN¥144,459,580,445 CN¥588,044,305,632
May-11 2023 CN¥7.105 CN¥7.101 CN¥7.111 CN¥7.107 CN¥181,145,405,594 CN¥586,921,077,852
May-08 2023 CN¥7.107 CN¥7.104 CN¥7.159 CN¥7.129 CN¥128,267,932,016 CN¥583,423,366,574
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 7.0945 CNY.