Market Cap CL$977.44T 0.13%
Volume 24h CL$31.89T -27.34%
BTC % 43.63% 0.13%
ETH % 18.93% 0%
Coins 22.809 +14
Exchanges 839
Last update 1 minute ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h CLP Capitalization CLP
Jun-04 2023 CL$808.54 CL$808.19 CL$808.94 CL$808.53 CL$7,806,956,462,901 CL$67,232,468,346,938
Jun-03 2023 CL$808.50 CL$808.24 CL$808.79 CL$808.40 CL$10,687,065,398,567 CL$67,228,977,565,877
May-31 2023 CL$808.59 CL$808.09 CL$810.75 CL$808.74 CL$15,398,308,961,719 CL$67,262,227,756,777
May-30 2023 CL$808.49 CL$807.92 CL$808.93 CL$808.48 CL$12,313,626,553,581 CL$67,220,361,695,089
May-26 2023 CL$808.74 CL$808.46 CL$809.37 CL$808.86 CL$12,019,622,099,992 CL$67,176,765,732,409
May-25 2023 CL$808.41 CL$807.91 CL$809.75 CL$808.80 CL$15,722,644,981,686 CL$67,149,336,939,140
May-24 2023 CL$808.72 CL$808.24 CL$810.26 CL$808.49 CL$12,797,996,290,156 CL$67,145,170,200,792
May-22 2023 CL$808.74 CL$808.17 CL$809.68 CL$808.50 CL$9,703,975,576,442 CL$67,060,374,630,456
May-21 2023 CL$808.87 CL$808.03 CL$809.05 CL$808.86 CL$7,643,753,458,776 CL$67,066,918,291,630
May-19 2023 CL$808.48 CL$808.11 CL$808.97 CL$808.51 CL$14,069,926,443,733 CL$66,988,335,063,372
May-18 2023 CL$808.40 CL$807.94 CL$808.96 CL$808.42 CL$15,546,657,593,784 CL$66,972,473,018,322
May-16 2023 CL$808.56 CL$807.86 CL$810.26 CL$808.47 CL$12,677,925,100,523 CL$66,966,713,712,125
May-15 2023 CL$808.33 CL$807.72 CL$808.93 CL$808.44 CL$11,969,663,268,196 CL$66,935,617,731,047
May-14 2023 CL$808.61 CL$808.24 CL$809.04 CL$808.39 CL$9,329,280,919,143 CL$66,950,537,356,907
May-13 2023 CL$808.64 CL$807.98 CL$809.43 CL$808.58 CL$16,447,693,797,595 CL$66,952,795,021,757
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 807.75649 CLP.