Market Cap CHF1.04T -0.59%
Volume 24h CHF46.68B -9.32%
BTC % 44.46% 0.36%
ETH % 19.11% -0.05%
Coins 23.035 +31
Exchanges 840
Last update 2 Minutes ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h CHF Capitalization CHF
Jun-09 2023 CHF0.903983 CHF0.903814 CHF0.905917 CHF0.904423 CHF11,973,473,704 CHF75,321,275,714
Jun-05 2023 CHF0.904877 CHF0.904145 CHF0.905163 CHF0.904425 CHF12,273,752,605 CHF75,242,755,215
Jun-04 2023 CHF0.904361 CHF0.903961 CHF0.90480 CHF0.904347 CHF8,732,123,000 CHF75,199,879,238
Jun-03 2023 CHF0.904314 CHF0.904018 CHF0.904632 CHF0.904205 CHF11,953,540,412 CHF75,195,974,781
May-31 2023 CHF0.904415 CHF0.903853 CHF0.906823 CHF0.904576 CHF17,223,091,802 CHF75,233,165,299
May-30 2023 CHF0.904304 CHF0.903659 CHF0.904789 CHF0.904291 CHF13,772,857,856 CHF75,186,337,883
May-26 2023 CHF0.904584 CHF0.904264 CHF0.905286 CHF0.904719 CHF13,444,012,285 CHF75,137,575,563
May-25 2023 CHF0.904215 CHF0.903654 CHF0.905707 CHF0.904648 CHF17,585,863,393 CHF75,106,896,310
May-24 2023 CHF0.904553 CHF0.904018 CHF0.906275 CHF0.904303 CHF14,314,628,024 CHF75,102,235,790
May-22 2023 CHF0.904585 CHF0.903943 CHF0.905626 CHF0.904312 CHF10,853,949,132 CHF75,007,391,486
May-21 2023 CHF0.904728 CHF0.903781 CHF0.904922 CHF0.904718 CHF8,549,579,558 CHF75,014,710,607
May-19 2023 CHF0.904292 CHF0.903877 CHF0.904841 CHF0.904325 CHF15,737,288,775 CHF74,926,814,841
May-18 2023 CHF0.904203 CHF0.903684 CHF0.904823 CHF0.904218 CHF17,389,020,549 CHF74,909,073,058
May-16 2023 CHF0.904374 CHF0.903601 CHF0.906279 CHF0.904276 CHF14,180,327,749 CHF74,902,631,243
May-15 2023 CHF0.904122 CHF0.903437 CHF0.904790 CHF0.904246 CHF13,388,133,062 CHF74,867,850,220
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 0.90348 CHF.