Market Cap AU$3.78T -0.66%
Volume 24h AU$141.92B -33.39%
BTC % 51.92% 0.5%
ETH % 14.56% -0.48%
Coins 27.195 +2
Exchanges 885
Last update 2 Minutes ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h AUD Capitalization AUD
May-18 2024 AU$1.4920 AU$1.4917 AU$1.4932 AU$1.4922 AU$58,326,829,376 AU$166,112,438,813
May-17 2024 AU$1.4922 AU$1.4914 AU$1.4932 AU$1.4918 AU$83,901,164,898 AU$165,945,117,098
May-16 2024 AU$1.4918 AU$1.4913 AU$1.4930 AU$1.4922 AU$92,520,577,159 AU$165,897,027,461
May-15 2024 AU$1.4923 AU$1.4907 AU$1.4936 AU$1.4909 AU$105,221,019,018 AU$165,575,709,048
May-14 2024 AU$1.4911 AU$1.4903 AU$1.4920 AU$1.4920 AU$85,588,688,383 AU$165,286,161,448
May-13 2024 AU$1.4915 AU$1.4908 AU$1.4929 AU$1.4909 AU$79,379,820,609 AU$165,324,797,293
May-12 2024 AU$1.4908 AU$1.4907 AU$1.4925 AU$1.4912 AU$38,545,308,665 AU$165,247,587,990
May-11 2024 AU$1.4913 AU$1.4908 AU$1.4922 AU$1.4914 AU$43,538,804,773 AU$165,300,525,308
May-10 2024 AU$1.4913 AU$1.4908 AU$1.4945 AU$1.4914 AU$74,952,435,474 AU$165,259,478,375
May-09 2024 AU$1.4916 AU$1.4906 AU$1.4925 AU$1.4909 AU$68,973,877,023 AU$165,508,175,759
May-08 2024 AU$1.4910 AU$1.4908 AU$1.4932 AU$1.4916 AU$69,563,620,346 AU$165,439,429,601
May-07 2024 AU$1.4917 AU$1.4912 AU$1.4929 AU$1.4916 AU$68,780,663,138 AU$165,538,146,759
May-06 2024 AU$1.4919 AU$1.4912 AU$1.4932 AU$1.4919 AU$78,982,727,275 AU$165,469,691,583
May-05 2024 AU$1.4921 AU$1.4916 AU$1.4930 AU$1.4919 AU$54,010,505,623 AU$165,476,782,104
May-04 2024 AU$1.4918 AU$1.4916 AU$1.4932 AU$1.4925 AU$58,985,658,662 AU$165,254,962,866

Historical and market price analysis of Tether (USDT), OHLC, OHLCV and Market Capitalization. Daily opening price, daily high price, daily low price, daily closing price, daily volume and market capitalization per day in Australian Dollar, analyzing 3366 days, from day 03-02-2015.

Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 1.49165 AUD.