Market Cap AR$267.86T -5.76%
Volume 24h AR$23.46T 46.07%
BTC % 45.43% 2.17%
ETH % 19.09% 0.1%
Coins 23.035 +14
Exchanges 840
Last update 1 minute ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h ARS Capitalization ARS
Jun-09 2023 AR$244.44 AR$244.39 AR$244.96 AR$244.56 AR$3,237,661,322,348 AR$20,367,087,042,086
Jun-05 2023 AR$244.68 AR$244.48 AR$244.76 AR$244.56 AR$3,318,857,590,595 AR$20,345,854,875,716
Jun-04 2023 AR$244.54 AR$244.43 AR$244.66 AR$244.54 AR$2,361,190,879,013 AR$20,334,261,089,929
Jun-03 2023 AR$244.53 AR$244.45 AR$244.62 AR$244.50 AR$3,232,271,303,475 AR$20,333,205,313,527
May-31 2023 AR$244.56 AR$244.40 AR$245.21 AR$244.60 AR$4,657,172,977,128 AR$20,343,261,735,367
May-30 2023 AR$244.53 AR$244.35 AR$244.66 AR$244.52 AR$3,724,219,911,313 AR$20,330,599,468,904
May-26 2023 AR$244.60 AR$244.52 AR$244.79 AR$244.64 AR$3,635,299,134,375 AR$20,317,413,999,006
May-25 2023 AR$244.50 AR$244.35 AR$244.91 AR$244.62 AR$4,755,267,446,557 AR$20,309,118,241,651
May-24 2023 AR$244.59 AR$244.45 AR$245.06 AR$244.53 AR$3,870,716,104,741 AR$20,307,858,023,969
May-22 2023 AR$244.60 AR$244.43 AR$244.88 AR$244.53 AR$2,934,938,696,039 AR$20,282,211,854,657
May-21 2023 AR$244.64 AR$244.38 AR$244.69 AR$244.64 AR$2,311,830,613,383 AR$20,284,190,965,614
May-19 2023 AR$244.52 AR$244.41 AR$244.67 AR$244.53 AR$4,255,407,615,657 AR$20,260,423,700,780
May-18 2023 AR$244.50 AR$244.36 AR$244.67 AR$244.50 AR$4,702,040,581,887 AR$20,255,626,272,195
May-16 2023 AR$244.55 AR$244.34 AR$245.06 AR$244.52 AR$3,834,400,928,764 AR$20,253,884,387,079
May-15 2023 AR$244.48 AR$244.29 AR$244.66 AR$244.51 AR$3,620,189,233,542 AR$20,244,479,499,625
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 244.30356 ARS.