Market Cap Rp26,194.66T -0.18%
Volume 24h Rp2,345.16T -5.38%
BTC % 50.77% -0.33%
ETH % 15.96% -1.25%
Coins 24.691 +13
Exchanges 884
Last update 1 minute ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h IDR Capitalization IDR
Dec-05 2023 Rp35,328,357.74 Rp34,085,848.17 Rp35,561,294.87 Rp34,618,211.17 Rp1,129,753,375,585 Rp326,426,943,304,388
Dec-04 2023 Rp34,548,720.61 Rp34,120,383.51 Rp34,848,422.95 Rp34,120,383.51 Rp137,778,804,590 Rp319,223,252,582,260
Dec-03 2023 Rp34,148,381.90 Rp33,291,510.26 Rp34,148,381.90 Rp33,483,410.60 Rp208,011,962,166 Rp315,524,203,165,529
Dec-02 2023 Rp33,440,717.79 Rp32,278,512.26 Rp33,528,437.73 Rp32,278,512.26 Rp116,244,218,425 Rp308,985,528,639,952
Dec-01 2023 Rp32,263,540.97 Rp31,700,919.21 Rp32,486,327.12 Rp31,700,919.21 Rp368,663,000,601 Rp298,108,650,772,116
Nov-30 2023 Rp31,663,803.09 Rp31,404,820.87 Rp31,716,920.56 Rp31,433,345.28 Rp139,182,562,484 Rp292,567,192,997,549
Nov-29 2023 Rp31,441,183.80 Rp31,363,295.54 Rp32,077,356.89 Rp31,644,423.84 Rp59,561,185,604 Rp290,510,235,403,767
Nov-28 2023 Rp31,783,117.60 Rp31,008,841.49 Rp31,902,054.23 Rp31,361,856.43 Rp209,074,710,161 Rp293,464,692,247,565
Nov-27 2023 Rp31,315,152.44 Rp31,037,979.60 Rp32,054,832.10 Rp31,881,188.43 Rp308,916,271,767 Rp288,878,469,104,545
Nov-26 2023 Rp31,994,710.43 Rp31,708,989.55 Rp32,299,689.83 Rp32,173,587.07 Rp62,461,125,210 Rp294,871,496,260,630
Nov-25 2023 Rp32,140,178.18 Rp32,057,919.55 Rp32,352,412.80 Rp32,275,960.37 Rp189,248,193,249 Rp295,907,703,623,659
Nov-24 2023 Rp32,134,558.88 Rp31,847,917.06 Rp32,694,207.19 Rp31,847,917.06 Rp202,054,045,670 Rp295,324,331,977,059
Nov-23 2023 Rp31,934,620.45 Rp31,733,106.77 Rp32,214,547.50 Rp31,971,168.30 Rp186,596,293,134 Rp292,996,400,034,986
Nov-22 2023 Rp31,867,005.24 Rp30,261,469.04 Rp32,152,666.54 Rp30,261,469.04 Rp293,577,437,133 Rp291,175,465,751,537
Nov-21 2023 Rp30,292,247.08 Rp30,292,247.08 Rp31,487,730.39 Rp31,359,655.25 Rp260,390,556,272 Rp273,543,232,527,773

Historical and market price analysis of Lido stETH (stETH), OHLC, OHLCV and Market Capitalization. Daily opening price, daily high price, daily low price, daily closing price, daily volume and market capitalization per day in Indonesian Rupiah, analyzing 1077 days, from day 12-25-2020.

Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 15511.85 IDR.