Market Cap HK$13.13T -0.19%
Volume 24h HK$1.21T -1.87%
BTC % 50.89% 0.07%
ETH % 15.95% -1.12%
Coins 24.691 +13
Exchanges 884
Last update 3 Minutes ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h HKD Capitalization HKD
Dec-05 2023 HK$17,789.22 HK$17,163.57 HK$17,906.51 HK$17,431.63 HK$568,875,509 HK$164,368,876,799
Dec-04 2023 HK$17,396.64 HK$17,180.96 HK$17,547.55 HK$17,180.96 HK$69,377,078 HK$160,741,533,600
Dec-03 2023 HK$17,195.06 HK$16,763.59 HK$17,195.06 HK$16,860.22 HK$104,742,250 HK$158,878,915,913
Dec-02 2023 HK$16,838.72 HK$16,253.50 HK$16,882.89 HK$16,253.50 HK$58,533,562 HK$155,586,434,672
Dec-01 2023 HK$16,245.96 HK$15,962.66 HK$16,358.15 HK$15,962.66 HK$185,636,402 HK$150,109,496,463
Nov-30 2023 HK$15,943.97 HK$15,813.56 HK$15,970.72 HK$15,827.93 HK$70,083,925 HK$147,319,153,298
Nov-29 2023 HK$15,831.87 HK$15,792.65 HK$16,152.21 HK$15,934.21 HK$29,991,413 HK$146,283,393,792
Nov-28 2023 HK$16,004.05 HK$15,614.17 HK$16,063.94 HK$15,791.93 HK$105,277,386 HK$147,771,079,668
Nov-27 2023 HK$15,768.41 HK$15,628.85 HK$16,140.87 HK$16,053.43 HK$155,551,561 HK$145,461,734,921
Nov-26 2023 HK$16,110.60 HK$15,966.73 HK$16,264.17 HK$16,200.67 HK$31,451,647 HK$148,479,461,131
Nov-25 2023 HK$16,183.85 HK$16,142.43 HK$16,290.71 HK$16,252.22 HK$95,293,950 HK$149,001,232,522
Nov-24 2023 HK$16,181.02 HK$16,036.68 HK$16,462.82 HK$16,036.68 HK$101,742,204 HK$148,707,481,824
Nov-23 2023 HK$16,080.34 HK$15,978.87 HK$16,221.29 HK$16,098.74 HK$93,958,614 HK$147,535,276,017
Nov-22 2023 HK$16,046.29 HK$15,237.84 HK$16,190.13 HK$15,237.84 HK$147,827,851 HK$146,618,363,584
Nov-21 2023 HK$15,253.34 HK$15,253.34 HK$15,855.31 HK$15,790.82 HK$131,116,944 HK$137,739,836,765

Historical and market price analysis of Lido stETH (stETH), OHLC, OHLCV and Market Capitalization. Daily opening price, daily high price, daily low price, daily closing price, daily volume and market capitalization per day in Hong Kong Dollar, analyzing 1077 days, from day 12-25-2020.

Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 7.81083 HKD.