Market Cap NZ$4.11T -2.25%
Volume 24h NZ$232.53B -24.93%
BTC % 50.32% -0.09%
ETH % 16.39% 0.54%
Coins 28.129 +18
Exchanges 885
Last update 3 Minutes ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h NZD Capitalization NZD
Jul-17 2024 NZ$0.720962 NZ$0.720962 NZ$0.751016 NZ$0.723343 NZ$641,485,344 NZ$25,875,318,294
Jul-16 2024 NZ$0.723261 NZ$0.706245 NZ$0.74626 NZ$0.734521 NZ$802,539,778 NZ$25,954,005,281
Jul-15 2024 NZ$0.735352 NZ$0.713264 NZ$0.735352 NZ$0.713267 NZ$769,892,685 NZ$26,385,331,483
Jul-14 2024 NZ$0.713616 NZ$0.703432 NZ$0.733362 NZ$0.72885 NZ$586,723,275 NZ$25,605,294,997
Jul-13 2024 NZ$0.72843 NZ$0.68051 NZ$0.734451 NZ$0.687675 NZ$603,205,751 NZ$26,136,821,262
Jul-12 2024 NZ$0.687426 NZ$0.650701 NZ$0.689267 NZ$0.653749 NZ$584,763,315 NZ$24,665,605,294
Jul-11 2024 NZ$0.653284 NZ$0.636471 NZ$0.666305 NZ$0.641645 NZ$517,954,148 NZ$23,437,113,275
Jul-10 2024 NZ$0.641747 NZ$0.614963 NZ$0.642778 NZ$0.619628 NZ$413,761,740 NZ$23,020,954,479
Jul-09 2024 NZ$0.61947 NZ$0.600543 NZ$0.627996 NZ$0.608838 NZ$450,414,791 NZ$22,221,694,366
Jul-08 2024 NZ$0.608683 NZ$0.550273 NZ$0.625299 NZ$0.572174 NZ$836,027,450 NZ$21,834,776,568
Jul-07 2024 NZ$0.572168 NZ$0.570884 NZ$0.612311 NZ$0.612311 NZ$420,320,294 NZ$20,466,464,803
Jul-06 2024 NZ$0.612711 NZ$0.575247 NZ$0.615508 NZ$0.577543 NZ$476,141,288 NZ$21,913,464,597
Jul-05 2024 NZ$0.577505 NZ$0.529755 NZ$0.598513 NZ$0.598513 NZ$1,275,893,502 NZ$20,652,259,054
Jul-04 2024 NZ$0.599898 NZ$0.599898 NZ$0.681024 NZ$0.67132 NZ$950,349,123 NZ$21,452,955,606
Jul-03 2024 NZ$0.671302 NZ$0.662324 NZ$0.696253 NZ$0.689745 NZ$646,887,387 NZ$24,006,441,965

Historical and market price analysis of Cardano (ADA), OHLC, OHLCV and Market Capitalization. Daily opening price, daily high price, daily low price, daily closing price, daily volume and market capitalization per day in New Zealand Dollar, analyzing 2482 days, from day 10-01-2017.

Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 1.65044 NZD.