Market Cap HK$20.04T -0.79%
Volume 24h HK$1.17T 0.57%
BTC % 50.81% -0.37%
ETH % 16.36% 1.16%
Coins 27.668 +17
Exchanges 885
Last update 19 Seconds ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h HKD Capitalization HKD
Jun-13 2024 HK$3.2896 HK$3.2785 HK$3.4252 HK$3.4195 HK$3,015,217,717 HK$117,523,879,146
Jun-12 2024 HK$3.4194 HK$3.2491 HK$3.4652 HK$3.2950 HK$3,528,608,865 HK$122,155,190,644
Jun-11 2024 HK$3.2952 HK$3.2399 HK$3.4439 HK$3.4402 HK$4,689,623,171 HK$117,706,114,835
Jun-10 2024 HK$3.4420 HK$3.4056 HK$3.5154 HK$3.4694 HK$3,727,660,673 HK$122,938,162,512
Jun-09 2024 HK$3.4686 HK$3.3842 HK$3.4811 HK$3.4089 HK$2,593,956,226 HK$123,888,113,177
Jun-08 2024 HK$3.4099 HK$3.3856 HK$3.5087 HK$3.5087 HK$3,005,500,043 HK$121,791,173,615
Jun-07 2024 HK$3.5119 HK$3.4108 HK$3.8141 HK$3.5775 HK$6,750,573,717 HK$125,426,232,674
Jun-06 2024 HK$3.5780 HK$3.5332 HK$3.6073 HK$3.6028 HK$2,199,769,770 HK$127,774,440,457
Jun-05 2024 HK$3.6025 HK$3.5768 HK$3.6287 HK$3.6043 HK$2,353,860,824 HK$128,636,647,848
Jun-04 2024 HK$3.6045 HK$3.5394 HK$3.6329 HK$3.5713 HK$2,410,559,003 HK$128,709,924,614
Jun-03 2024 HK$3.5696 HK$3.4719 HK$3.6107 HK$3.4864 HK$2,477,561,395 HK$127,462,393,963
Jun-02 2024 HK$3.4873 HK$3.4563 HK$3.5400 HK$3.5152 HK$1,976,888,296 HK$124,515,280,124
Jun-01 2024 HK$3.5145 HK$3.4778 HK$3.5332 HK$3.4932 HK$1,312,639,479 HK$125,475,954,592
May-31 2024 HK$3.4953 HK$3.4716 HK$3.5532 HK$3.4873 HK$2,272,172,352 HK$124,778,306,186
May-30 2024 HK$3.4880 HK$3.4663 HK$3.5502 HK$3.5223 HK$2,781,695,216 HK$124,517,557,739

Historical and market price analysis of Cardano (ADA), OHLC, OHLCV and Market Capitalization. Daily opening price, daily high price, daily low price, daily closing price, daily volume and market capitalization per day in Hong Kong Dollar, analyzing 2448 days, from day 10-02-2017.

Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 7.81055 HKD.