Market Cap AR$282.74T -0.47%
Volume 24h AR$12.62T -11.65%
BTC % 44.45% 0.33%
ETH % 19.11% -0.05%
Coins 23.035 +32
Exchanges 840
Last update 21 Seconds ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h ARS Capitalization ARS
Jun-09 2023 AR$77.84 AR$77.48 AR$79.32 AR$79.23 AR$41,648,274,540 AR$2,717,068,027,914
Jun-05 2023 AR$92.05 AR$91.71 AR$92.99 AR$92.63 AR$24,238,138,646 AR$3,211,839,305,394
Jun-04 2023 AR$93.07 AR$92.04 AR$93.11 AR$92.25 AR$18,668,487,846 AR$3,247,444,041,664
Jun-03 2023 AR$92.57 AR$92.07 AR$92.76 AR$92.76 AR$29,149,546,505 AR$3,229,659,743,481
May-31 2023 AR$91.95 AR$91.72 AR$93.31 AR$92.70 AR$33,448,698,443 AR$3,207,612,100,836
May-30 2023 AR$93.30 AR$92.76 AR$93.86 AR$92.96 AR$29,288,848,785 AR$3,254,625,448,313
May-26 2023 AR$87.47 AR$86.99 AR$88.03 AR$87.97 AR$28,993,549,910 AR$3,050,507,439,957
May-25 2023 AR$87.68 AR$87.52 AR$89.48 AR$89.37 AR$32,333,409,574 AR$3,057,688,003,169
May-24 2023 AR$89.48 AR$88.97 AR$90.90 AR$90.90 AR$23,845,508,204 AR$3,120,044,932,131
May-22 2023 AR$89.40 AR$87.67 AR$89.40 AR$88.42 AR$23,674,677,119 AR$3,116,653,365,118
May-21 2023 AR$89.66 AR$89.57 AR$90.13 AR$89.90 AR$18,991,176,244 AR$3,125,878,846,127
May-19 2023 AR$91.03 AR$89.98 AR$91.48 AR$91.19 AR$34,424,844,754 AR$3,173,032,990,700
May-18 2023 AR$92.35 AR$91.75 AR$92.96 AR$92.03 AR$37,136,218,894 AR$3,218,784,213,666
May-16 2023 AR$89.76 AR$89.00 AR$90.54 AR$90.15 AR$29,425,717,518 AR$3,128,302,709,035
May-15 2023 AR$91.56 AR$90.06 AR$92.21 AR$90.98 AR$27,600,120,946 AR$3,191,059,125,189
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 244.97145 ARS.