Market Cap R23.91T 1.95%
Volume 24h R1.37T 35.84%
BTC % 44.26% 0.31%
ETH % 18.7% 0.64%
Coins 22.415 +78
Exchanges 839
Last update 1 minute ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h ZAR Capitalization ZAR
May-26 2023 R19.66 R19.66 R19.68 R19.67 R29,467,167,786 R571,131,431,960
May-25 2023 R19.66 R19.65 R19.67 R19.66 R39,713,024,084 R572,842,750,660
May-24 2023 R19.65 R19.65 R19.68 R19.65 R29,580,630,062 R575,268,887,897
May-22 2023 R19.66 R19.64 R19.68 R19.65 R20,370,752,573 R580,924,264,009
May-21 2023 R19.66 R19.65 R19.67 R19.66 R16,274,262,711 R581,066,051,525
May-19 2023 R19.65 R19.65 R19.67 R19.65 R29,657,465,569 R581,670,103,456
May-18 2023 R19.65 R19.64 R19.66 R19.65 R35,567,484,710 R579,806,618,863
May-16 2023 R19.65 R19.62 R19.67 R19.64 R30,702,076,762 R585,739,110,842
May-15 2023 R19.66 R19.63 R19.68 R19.65 R25,074,053,452 R589,376,432,376
May-14 2023 R19.66 R19.62 R19.67 R19.64 R19,205,981,622 R589,348,441,409
May-13 2023 R19.65 R19.64 R19.67 R19.66 R39,342,785,587 R589,048,958,638
May-11 2023 R19.65 R19.64 R19.67 R19.66 R49,152,421,773 R1,091,641,910,332
May-08 2023 R19.65 R19.64 R19.77 R19.67 R33,770,937,006 R1,091,538,812,196
May-07 2023 R19.66 R19.64 R19.68 R19.67 R40,175,290,052 R1,092,270,296,159
May-06 2023 R19.67 R19.64 R19.68 R19.64 R48,166,979,039 R1,092,569,037,700
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 19.63887 ZAR.