Market Cap Bs.32.00T 0.07%
Volume 24h Bs.1.05T -27.18%
BTC % 43.64% 0.18%
ETH % 18.94% 0%
Coins 22.809 +14
Exchanges 839
Last update 3 Minutes ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h VES Capitalization VES
Jun-04 2023 Bs.26.45 Bs.26.44 Bs.26.47 Bs.26.45 Bs.21,885,901,930 Bs.764,373,443,378
Jun-03 2023 Bs.26.45 Bs.26.44 Bs.26.45 Bs.26.44 Bs.37,590,476,268 Bs.764,649,249,504
May-31 2023 Bs.26.46 Bs.26.44 Bs.26.51 Bs.26.46 Bs.48,970,200,134 Bs.766,293,890,325
May-30 2023 Bs.26.46 Bs.26.43 Bs.26.46 Bs.26.45 Bs.37,804,705,066 Bs.768,021,029,051
May-26 2023 Bs.26.47 Bs.26.46 Bs.26.48 Bs.26.47 Bs.39,663,124,406 Bs.768,749,043,072
May-25 2023 Bs.26.46 Bs.26.44 Bs.26.48 Bs.26.46 Bs.53,454,157,054 Bs.771,052,496,428
May-24 2023 Bs.26.46 Bs.26.44 Bs.26.49 Bs.26.46 Bs.39,815,845,847 Bs.774,318,103,212
May-22 2023 Bs.26.46 Bs.26.44 Bs.26.49 Bs.26.44 Bs.27,419,251,807 Bs.781,930,300,215
May-21 2023 Bs.26.46 Bs.26.45 Bs.26.47 Bs.26.47 Bs.21,905,332,443 Bs.782,121,147,734
May-19 2023 Bs.26.45 Bs.26.45 Bs.26.47 Bs.26.45 Bs.39,919,267,266 Bs.782,934,208,123
May-18 2023 Bs.26.44 Bs.26.44 Bs.26.47 Bs.26.45 Bs.47,874,216,521 Bs.780,425,937,841
May-16 2023 Bs.26.44 Bs.26.41 Bs.26.47 Bs.26.43 Bs.41,325,325,154 Bs.788,411,135,777
May-15 2023 Bs.26.47 Bs.26.42 Bs.26.49 Bs.26.45 Bs.33,749,945,317 Bs.793,307,009,638
May-14 2023 Bs.26.46 Bs.26.41 Bs.26.47 Bs.26.43 Bs.25,851,457,593 Bs.793,269,333,495
May-13 2023 Bs.26.45 Bs.26.44 Bs.26.48 Bs.26.46 Bs.52,955,812,059 Bs.792,866,226,468
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 26.43413 VES.