Market Cap zł5.08T 0.14%
Volume 24h zł171.68B -19.82%
BTC % 43.63% 0.22%
ETH % 18.93% -0.05%
Coins 22.809 +14
Exchanges 839
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Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h PLN Capitalization PLN
Jun-04 2023 zł4.1947 zł4.1938 zł4.1989 zł4.1953 zł3,471,383,047 zł121,239,372,344
Jun-03 2023 zł4.1950 zł4.1936 zł4.1961 zł4.1944 zł5,962,328,739 zł121,283,118,712
May-31 2023 zł4.1967 zł4.1931 zł4.2045 zł4.1972 zł7,767,298,013 zł121,543,979,712
May-30 2023 zł4.1962 zł4.1918 zł4.1972 zł4.1948 zł5,996,308,157 zł121,817,925,931
May-26 2023 zł4.1977 zł4.1969 zł4.2008 zł4.1986 zł6,291,077,156 zł121,933,398,236
May-25 2023 zł4.1968 zł4.1941 zł4.2004 zł4.1974 zł8,478,510,742 zł122,298,755,302
May-24 2023 zł4.1962 zł4.1942 zł4.2022 zł4.1961 zł6,315,300,723 zł122,816,722,168
May-22 2023 zł4.1974 zł4.1936 zł4.2013 zł4.1945 zł4,349,042,877 zł124,024,113,653
May-21 2023 zł4.1971 zł4.1946 zł4.1987 zł4.1977 zł3,474,464,974 zł124,054,384,502
May-19 2023 zł4.1960 zł4.1948 zł4.1990 zł4.1956 zł6,331,704,679 zł124,183,346,245
May-18 2023 zł4.1944 zł4.1937 zł4.1980 zł4.1950 zł7,593,461,040 zł123,785,502,603
May-16 2023 zł4.1944 zł4.1891 zł4.1991 zł4.1928 zł6,554,723,384 zł125,052,056,791
May-15 2023 zł4.1982 zł4.1911 zł4.2016 zł4.1950 zł5,353,171,571 zł125,828,604,798
May-14 2023 zł4.1972 zł4.1897 zł4.1987 zł4.1920 zł4,100,370,728 zł125,822,628,881
May-13 2023 zł4.1956 zł4.1936 zł4.1994 zł4.1968 zł8,399,466,873 zł125,758,690,968
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 4.19279 PLN.