Market Cap NZ$1.97T 0.28%
Volume 24h NZ$99.59B -11.01%
BTC % 43.61% -0.48%
ETH % 18.82% 0.26%
Coins 22.755 +52
Exchanges 839
Last update 2 Minutes ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h NZD Capitalization NZD
May-31 2023 NZ$1.6489 NZ$1.6475 NZ$1.6519 NZ$1.6491 NZ$3,051,758,068 NZ$47,754,421,170
May-30 2023 NZ$1.6487 NZ$1.6469 NZ$1.6491 NZ$1.6481 NZ$2,355,939,191 NZ$47,862,054,170
May-26 2023 NZ$1.6493 NZ$1.6490 NZ$1.6505 NZ$1.6496 NZ$2,471,753,425 NZ$47,907,423,040
May-25 2023 NZ$1.6489 NZ$1.6479 NZ$1.6503 NZ$1.6491 NZ$3,331,192,329 NZ$48,050,971,205
May-24 2023 NZ$1.6487 NZ$1.6479 NZ$1.6511 NZ$1.6486 NZ$2,481,270,823 NZ$48,254,479,498
May-22 2023 NZ$1.6491 NZ$1.6476 NZ$1.6507 NZ$1.6480 NZ$1,708,731,487 NZ$48,728,861,542
May-21 2023 NZ$1.6490 NZ$1.6481 NZ$1.6497 NZ$1.6493 NZ$1,365,111,329 NZ$48,740,754,907
May-19 2023 NZ$1.6486 NZ$1.6481 NZ$1.6498 NZ$1.6484 NZ$2,487,715,909 NZ$48,791,423,754
May-18 2023 NZ$1.6480 NZ$1.6477 NZ$1.6494 NZ$1.6482 NZ$2,983,457,819 NZ$48,635,111,670
May-16 2023 NZ$1.6480 NZ$1.6459 NZ$1.6498 NZ$1.6473 NZ$2,575,339,576 NZ$49,132,738,638
May-15 2023 NZ$1.6494 NZ$1.6467 NZ$1.6508 NZ$1.6482 NZ$2,103,251,929 NZ$49,437,843,018
May-14 2023 NZ$1.6491 NZ$1.6461 NZ$1.6497 NZ$1.6470 NZ$1,611,028,627 NZ$49,435,495,091
May-13 2023 NZ$1.6484 NZ$1.6477 NZ$1.6499 NZ$1.6489 NZ$3,300,136,128 NZ$49,410,373,994
May-11 2023 NZ$1.6485 NZ$1.6476 NZ$1.6499 NZ$1.6493 NZ$4,122,984,188 NZ$91,568,679,082
May-08 2023 NZ$1.6483 NZ$1.6477 NZ$1.6582 NZ$1.6500 NZ$2,832,760,508 NZ$91,560,031,045
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 1.64734 NZD.