Market Cap Rp42,147.06T -4.36%
Volume 24h Rp2,897.33T 5.24%
BTC % 50.94% 0%
ETH % 16.09% -0.24%
Coins 27.651 +31
Exchanges 885
Last update 3 Minutes ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h IDR Capitalization IDR
Jun-12 2024 Rp16,288.42 Rp16,284.05 Rp16,292.76 Rp16,288.36 Rp111,996,276,806,405 Rp527,339,414,202,470
Jun-11 2024 Rp16,287.43 Rp16,282.56 Rp16,294.77 Rp16,285.48 Rp109,509,995,858,842 Rp523,348,307,903,970
Jun-10 2024 Rp16,285.65 Rp16,283.50 Rp16,291.10 Rp16,285.49 Rp79,819,396,995,207 Rp522,950,665,852,002
Jun-09 2024 Rp16,286.24 Rp16,283.90 Rp16,291.74 Rp16,285.99 Rp40,913,700,161,224 Rp524,652,582,880,679
Jun-08 2024 Rp16,286.34 Rp16,284.52 Rp16,293.33 Rp16,288.32 Rp49,814,101,441,226 Rp524,174,459,510,052
Jun-07 2024 Rp16,286.94 Rp16,282.83 Rp16,299.08 Rp16,286.21 Rp122,747,340,489,243 Rp525,717,258,094,690
Jun-06 2024 Rp16,285.27 Rp16,283.70 Rp16,298.07 Rp16,287.18 Rp89,942,272,379,579 Rp530,070,415,455,918
Jun-05 2024 Rp16,287.25 Rp16,282.18 Rp16,291.66 Rp16,287.71 Rp102,168,632,675,268 Rp530,202,856,150,949
Jun-04 2024 Rp16,286.30 Rp16,284.28 Rp16,295.86 Rp16,290.30 Rp98,562,214,205,506 Rp527,187,889,322,010
Jun-03 2024 Rp16,286.80 Rp16,284.83 Rp16,297.86 Rp16,286.16 Rp93,820,152,291,703 Rp526,716,387,845,476
Jun-02 2024 Rp16,287.50 Rp16,285.30 Rp16,296.79 Rp16,287.49 Rp51,809,743,619,539 Rp527,095,228,915,590
Jun-01 2024 Rp16,287.87 Rp16,284.85 Rp16,293.11 Rp16,287.81 Rp41,662,906,345,652 Rp527,234,596,593,104
May-31 2024 Rp16,288.38 Rp16,283.73 Rp16,302.09 Rp16,287.82 Rp101,961,321,795,757 Rp526,571,593,387,969
May-30 2024 Rp16,286.87 Rp16,284.12 Rp16,295.04 Rp16,285.22 Rp107,396,285,477,736 Rp527,239,917,272,733
May-29 2024 Rp16,285.07 Rp16,283.90 Rp16,295.47 Rp16,288.53 Rp101,000,789,044,573 Rp524,529,430,936,931

Historical and market price analysis of USD Coin (USDC), OHLC, OHLCV and Market Capitalization. Daily opening price, daily high price, daily low price, daily closing price, daily volume and market capitalization per day in Indonesian Rupiah, analyzing 2074 days, from day 10-09-2018.

Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 16286.82334 IDR.