Market Cap Rp16,355.15T -5.71%
Volume 24h Rp1,439.88T 46.14%
BTC % 45.38% 2.07%
ETH % 19.1% 0.15%
Coins 23.036 +11
Exchanges 840
Last update 1 minute ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h IDR Capitalization IDR
Jun-09 2023 Rp14,895.38 Rp14,893.42 Rp14,915.76 Rp14,899.19 Rp25,955,810,084,382 Rp423,608,778,008,498
Jun-05 2023 Rp14,907.83 Rp14,889.67 Rp14,909.50 Rp14,895.19 Rp15,256,194,542,674 Rp430,913,448,805,344
Jun-04 2023 Rp14,895.76 Rp14,892.59 Rp14,910.64 Rp14,897.88 Rp12,327,173,223,954 Rp430,531,210,211,572
Jun-03 2023 Rp14,896.91 Rp14,891.86 Rp14,900.59 Rp14,894.71 Rp21,172,730,921,532 Rp430,686,557,242,743
May-31 2023 Rp14,902.80 Rp14,889.97 Rp14,930.55 Rp14,904.44 Rp27,582,328,651,919 Rp431,612,896,597,978
May-30 2023 Rp14,901.00 Rp14,885.36 Rp14,904.78 Rp14,896.08 Rp21,293,394,694,570 Rp432,585,702,668,822
May-26 2023 Rp14,906.47 Rp14,903.60 Rp14,917.56 Rp14,909.41 Rp22,340,144,204,468 Rp432,995,754,535,864
May-25 2023 Rp14,903.16 Rp14,893.78 Rp14,915.87 Rp14,905.22 Rp30,107,904,881,603 Rp434,293,168,214,159
May-24 2023 Rp14,901.07 Rp14,893.99 Rp14,922.51 Rp14,900.73 Rp22,426,164,130,422 Rp436,132,512,127,896
May-22 2023 Rp14,905.25 Rp14,891.72 Rp14,919.25 Rp14,894.93 Rp15,443,817,110,097 Rp440,420,060,859,971
May-21 2023 Rp14,904.38 Rp14,895.38 Rp14,910.09 Rp14,906.36 Rp12,338,117,406,208 Rp440,527,555,192,955
May-19 2023 Rp14,900.49 Rp14,896.09 Rp14,911.01 Rp14,898.80 Rp22,484,415,956,181 Rp440,985,509,189,498
May-18 2023 Rp14,894.53 Rp14,892.13 Rp14,907.53 Rp14,896.62 Rp26,965,018,938,196 Rp439,572,732,948,814
May-16 2023 Rp14,894.72 Rp14,875.84 Rp14,911.27 Rp14,888.90 Rp23,276,374,140,298 Rp444,070,373,415,869
May-15 2023 Rp14,908.00 Rp14,883.00 Rp14,920.24 Rp14,896.81 Rp19,009,562,574,004 Rp446,827,960,714,056
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 14888.95 IDR.