Market Cap HK$9.36T 0.28%
Volume 24h HK$473.45B -11.01%
BTC % 43.61% -0.48%
ETH % 18.82% 0.26%
Coins 22.755 +52
Exchanges 839
Last update 1 minute ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h HKD Capitalization HKD
May-31 2023 HK$7.839 HK$7.832 HK$7.853 HK$7.840 HK$14,508,049,777 HK$227,024,391,852
May-30 2023 HK$7.838 HK$7.830 HK$7.840 HK$7.835 HK$11,200,128,678 HK$227,536,078,848
May-26 2023 HK$7.841 HK$7.839 HK$7.846 HK$7.842 HK$11,750,709,239 HK$227,751,762,338
May-25 2023 HK$7.839 HK$7.834 HK$7.846 HK$7.840 HK$15,836,479,516 HK$228,434,189,934
May-24 2023 HK$7.838 HK$7.834 HK$7.849 HK$7.838 HK$11,795,954,925 HK$229,401,667,821
May-22 2023 HK$7.840 HK$7.833 HK$7.847 HK$7.835 HK$8,123,304,968 HK$231,656,878,801
May-21 2023 HK$7.840 HK$7.835 HK$7.843 HK$7.841 HK$6,489,735,647 HK$231,713,419,826
May-19 2023 HK$7.838 HK$7.835 HK$7.843 HK$7.837 HK$11,826,594,847 HK$231,954,299,393
May-18 2023 HK$7.834 HK$7.833 HK$7.841 HK$7.835 HK$14,183,350,576 HK$231,211,192,156
May-16 2023 HK$7.834 HK$7.825 HK$7.843 HK$7.831 HK$12,243,157,527 HK$233,576,909,445
May-15 2023 HK$7.841 HK$7.828 HK$7.848 HK$7.836 HK$9,998,854,105 HK$235,027,374,861
May-14 2023 HK$7.840 HK$7.826 HK$7.842 HK$7.830 HK$7,658,825,827 HK$235,016,212,820
May-13 2023 HK$7.837 HK$7.833 HK$7.844 HK$7.839 HK$15,688,838,420 HK$234,896,787,194
May-11 2023 HK$7.837 HK$7.833 HK$7.843 HK$7.841 HK$19,600,655,918 HK$435,317,258,003
May-08 2023 HK$7.836 HK$7.833 HK$7.883 HK$7.844 HK$13,466,935,960 HK$435,276,145,255
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 7.83145 HKD.