Market Cap CN¥18.31T 0.08%
Volume 24h CN¥1.26T -10.63%
BTC % 50.85% -1.06%
ETH % 17.06% 2.05%
Coins 27.746 +33
Exchanges 885
Last update 3 Minutes ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h CNY Capitalization CNY
Jun-18 2024 CN¥7.256 CN¥7.255 CN¥7.268 CN¥7.258 CN¥51,696,007,612 CN¥238,093,855,811
Jun-17 2024 CN¥7.257 CN¥7.255 CN¥7.262 CN¥7.257 CN¥42,484,852,365 CN¥235,786,245,774
Jun-16 2024 CN¥7.257 CN¥7.255 CN¥7.260 CN¥7.258 CN¥19,096,286,728 CN¥235,953,550,610
Jun-15 2024 CN¥7.257 CN¥7.255 CN¥7.260 CN¥7.257 CN¥20,024,689,355 CN¥235,443,706,934
Jun-14 2024 CN¥7.256 CN¥7.255 CN¥7.260 CN¥7.256 CN¥44,211,839,465 CN¥235,115,307,077
Jun-13 2024 CN¥7.256 CN¥7.254 CN¥7.259 CN¥7.256 CN¥43,351,521,338 CN¥236,040,466,648
Jun-12 2024 CN¥7.257 CN¥7.255 CN¥7.259 CN¥7.257 CN¥49,902,732,032 CN¥234,969,217,077
Jun-11 2024 CN¥7.257 CN¥7.255 CN¥7.260 CN¥7.256 CN¥48,794,907,598 CN¥233,190,880,209
Jun-10 2024 CN¥7.256 CN¥7.255 CN¥7.258 CN¥7.256 CN¥35,565,521,397 CN¥233,013,700,883
Jun-09 2024 CN¥7.256 CN¥7.255 CN¥7.259 CN¥7.256 CN¥18,230,118,659 CN¥233,772,032,427
Jun-08 2024 CN¥7.256 CN¥7.255 CN¥7.259 CN¥7.257 CN¥22,195,914,244 CN¥233,558,992,644
Jun-07 2024 CN¥7.257 CN¥7.255 CN¥7.262 CN¥7.256 CN¥54,693,136,368 CN¥234,246,424,999
Jun-06 2024 CN¥7.256 CN¥7.255 CN¥7.262 CN¥7.257 CN¥40,076,020,783 CN¥236,186,082,741
Jun-05 2024 CN¥7.257 CN¥7.254 CN¥7.259 CN¥7.257 CN¥45,523,780,288 CN¥236,245,094,993
Jun-04 2024 CN¥7.256 CN¥7.255 CN¥7.261 CN¥7.258 CN¥43,916,850,669 CN¥234,901,701,390

Historical and market price analysis of USD Coin (USDC), OHLC, OHLCV and Market Capitalization. Daily opening price, daily high price, daily low price, daily closing price, daily volume and market capitalization per day in Chinese Yuan, analyzing 2080 days, from day 10-09-2018.

Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 7.257 CNY.