Market Cap CL$960.63T 0.4%
Volume 24h CL$47.52T -13.99%
BTC % 43.64% -0.48%
ETH % 18.82% 0.26%
Coins 22.755 +65
Exchanges 839
Last update 23 Seconds ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h CLP Capitalization CLP
May-31 2023 CL$803.97 CL$803.28 CL$805.47 CL$804.06 CL$1,488,005,418,322 CL$23,284,557,908,809
May-30 2023 CL$803.88 CL$803.03 CL$804.08 CL$803.61 CL$1,148,731,388,123 CL$23,337,038,637,418
May-26 2023 CL$804.17 CL$804.02 CL$804.77 CL$804.33 CL$1,205,201,201,169 CL$23,359,160,025,632
May-25 2023 CL$803.99 CL$803.49 CL$804.68 CL$804.10 CL$1,624,254,650,995 CL$23,429,152,614,273
May-24 2023 CL$803.88 CL$803.50 CL$805.04 CL$803.86 CL$1,209,841,785,274 CL$23,528,381,136,431
May-22 2023 CL$804.11 CL$803.38 CL$804.86 CL$803.55 CL$833,159,659,194 CL$23,759,684,875,327
May-21 2023 CL$804.06 CL$803.57 CL$804.37 CL$804.17 CL$665,614,052,534 CL$23,765,483,956,033
May-19 2023 CL$803.85 CL$803.61 CL$804.42 CL$803.76 CL$1,212,984,341,997 CL$23,790,189,557,826
May-18 2023 CL$803.53 CL$803.40 CL$804.23 CL$803.64 CL$1,454,702,929,239 CL$23,713,973,414,964
May-16 2023 CL$803.54 CL$802.52 CL$804.43 CL$803.22 CL$1,255,708,728,467 CL$23,956,611,136,713
May-15 2023 CL$804.25 CL$802.90 CL$804.91 CL$803.65 CL$1,025,523,713,643 CL$24,105,376,851,638
May-14 2023 CL$804.08 CL$802.62 CL$804.35 CL$803.08 CL$785,520,762,915 CL$24,104,232,026,743
May-13 2023 CL$803.76 CL$803.39 CL$804.49 CL$803.99 CL$1,609,111,971,354 CL$24,091,983,241,982
May-11 2023 CL$803.79 CL$803.35 CL$804.45 CL$804.19 CL$2,010,324,106,836 CL$44,647,933,290,285
May-08 2023 CL$803.71 CL$803.39 CL$808.54 CL$804.52 CL$1,381,224,491,589 CL$44,643,716,597,357
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 803.22581 CLP.