Market Cap CA$1.55T -0.5%
Volume 24h CA$68.97B -9.54%
BTC % 44.45% 0.29%
ETH % 19.1% 0%
Coins 23.035 +31
Exchanges 840
Last update 2 Minutes ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h CAD Capitalization CAD
Jun-09 2023 CA$1.3375 CA$1.3373 CA$1.3393 CA$1.3378 CA$2,330,574,244 CA$38,035,865,736
Jun-05 2023 CA$1.3386 CA$1.3369 CA$1.3387 CA$1.3374 CA$1,369,854,917 CA$38,691,752,705
Jun-04 2023 CA$1.3375 CA$1.3372 CA$1.3388 CA$1.3377 CA$1,106,857,860 CA$38,657,431,472
Jun-03 2023 CA$1.3376 CA$1.3371 CA$1.3379 CA$1.3374 CA$1,901,101,187 CA$38,671,380,094
May-31 2023 CA$1.3381 CA$1.3370 CA$1.3406 CA$1.3383 CA$2,476,619,475 CA$38,754,556,178
May-30 2023 CA$1.3380 CA$1.3366 CA$1.3383 CA$1.3375 CA$1,911,935,596 CA$38,841,904,512
May-26 2023 CA$1.3385 CA$1.3382 CA$1.3394 CA$1.3387 CA$2,005,923,318 CA$38,878,723,102
May-25 2023 CA$1.3382 CA$1.3373 CA$1.3393 CA$1.3383 CA$2,703,391,164 CA$38,995,217,979
May-24 2023 CA$1.3380 CA$1.3373 CA$1.3399 CA$1.3379 CA$2,013,647,054 CA$39,160,372,814
May-22 2023 CA$1.3383 CA$1.3371 CA$1.3396 CA$1.3374 CA$1,386,701,562 CA$39,545,352,155
May-21 2023 CA$1.3383 CA$1.3375 CA$1.3388 CA$1.3384 CA$1,107,840,539 CA$39,555,004,079
May-19 2023 CA$1.3379 CA$1.3375 CA$1.3389 CA$1.3378 CA$2,018,877,490 CA$39,596,123,805
May-18 2023 CA$1.3374 CA$1.3372 CA$1.3385 CA$1.3376 CA$2,421,191,187 CA$39,469,270,514
May-16 2023 CA$1.3374 CA$1.3357 CA$1.3389 CA$1.3369 CA$2,089,987,478 CA$39,873,114,008
May-15 2023 CA$1.3386 CA$1.3363 CA$1.3397 CA$1.3376 CA$1,706,870,129 CA$40,120,717,990
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 1.33688 CAD.