Market Cap R$6.09T 1.85%
Volume 24h R$353.27B 36%
BTC % 44.19% 0.13%
ETH % 18.73% 0.85%
Coins 22.420 +83
Exchanges 839
Last update 43 Seconds ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h BRL Capitalization BRL
May-26 2023 R$5.014 R$5.014 R$5.018 R$5.015 R$7,515,160,321 R$145,658,527,711
May-25 2023 R$5.013 R$5.010 R$5.018 R$5.014 R$10,128,212,694 R$146,094,973,945
May-24 2023 R$5.013 R$5.010 R$5.020 R$5.013 R$7,544,097,177 R$146,713,723,953
May-22 2023 R$5.014 R$5.010 R$5.019 R$5.011 R$5,195,255,702 R$148,156,043,027
May-21 2023 R$5.014 R$5.011 R$5.016 R$5.014 R$4,150,507,245 R$148,192,203,812
May-19 2023 R$5.012 R$5.011 R$5.016 R$5.012 R$7,563,692,924 R$148,346,258,220
May-18 2023 R$5.010 R$5.010 R$5.015 R$5.011 R$9,070,954,893 R$147,871,004,352
May-16 2023 R$5.011 R$5.004 R$5.016 R$5.009 R$7,830,105,381 R$149,383,997,682
May-15 2023 R$5.015 R$5.007 R$5.019 R$5.011 R$6,394,762,230 R$150,311,642,126
May-14 2023 R$5.014 R$5.005 R$5.016 R$5.008 R$4,898,198,295 R$150,304,503,449
May-13 2023 R$5.012 R$5.010 R$5.016 R$5.013 R$10,033,788,904 R$150,228,124,848
May-11 2023 R$5.012 R$5.009 R$5.016 R$5.015 R$12,535,589,863 R$278,406,938,489
May-08 2023 R$5.012 R$5.010 R$5.042 R$5.017 R$8,612,772,277 R$278,380,644,852
May-07 2023 R$5.015 R$5.010 R$5.019 R$5.016 R$10,246,106,714 R$278,567,198,894
May-06 2023 R$5.016 R$5.008 R$5.019 R$5.010 R$12,284,267,436 R$278,643,388,455
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 5.0086 BRL.