Market Cap Tk128.36T 0.35%
Volume 24h Tk6.36T -15.41%
BTC % 43.75% -0.27%
ETH % 18.83% 0.37%
Coins 22.755 +69
Exchanges 839
Last update 28 Seconds ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h BDT Capitalization BDT
May-31 2023 Tk107.33 Tk107.24 Tk107.53 Tk107.35 Tk198,654,400,195 Tk3,108,577,313,111
May-30 2023 Tk107.32 Tk107.21 Tk107.35 Tk107.29 Tk153,360,022,808 Tk3,115,583,690,598
May-26 2023 Tk107.36 Tk107.34 Tk107.44 Tk107.38 Tk160,898,958,287 Tk3,118,536,980,320
May-25 2023 Tk107.34 Tk107.27 Tk107.43 Tk107.35 Tk216,844,192,558 Tk3,127,881,257,930
May-24 2023 Tk107.32 Tk107.27 Tk107.48 Tk107.32 Tk161,518,493,969 Tk3,141,128,644,202
May-22 2023 Tk107.35 Tk107.25 Tk107.45 Tk107.28 Tk111,229,993,067 Tk3,172,008,575,785
May-21 2023 Tk107.34 Tk107.28 Tk107.39 Tk107.36 Tk88,862,015,379 Tk3,172,782,775,184
May-19 2023 Tk107.32 Tk107.29 Tk107.39 Tk107.30 Tk161,938,037,280 Tk3,176,081,067,277
May-18 2023 Tk107.27 Tk107.26 Tk107.37 Tk107.29 Tk194,208,390,851 Tk3,165,905,921,434
May-16 2023 Tk107.28 Tk107.14 Tk107.39 Tk107.23 Tk167,641,905,871 Tk3,198,298,982,969
May-15 2023 Tk107.37 Tk107.19 Tk107.46 Tk107.29 Tk136,911,328,219 Tk3,218,159,773,463
May-14 2023 Tk107.35 Tk107.15 Tk107.38 Tk107.21 Tk104,870,018,668 Tk3,218,006,934,972
May-13 2023 Tk107.31 Tk107.26 Tk107.40 Tk107.34 Tk214,822,587,055 Tk3,216,371,675,476
May-11 2023 Tk107.31 Tk107.25 Tk107.40 Tk107.36 Tk268,385,937,796 Tk5,960,669,429,372
May-08 2023 Tk107.30 Tk107.26 Tk107.94 Tk107.41 Tk184,398,739,099 Tk5,960,106,484,779
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 107.23371 BDT.