Market Cap AU$1.85T 1.59%
Volume 24h AU$110.65B 37.46%
BTC % 44.2% 0.09%
ETH % 18.74% 0.96%
Coins 22.423 +86
Exchanges 839
Last update 2 Minutes ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h AUD Capitalization AUD
May-26 2023 AU$1.5305 AU$1.5303 AU$1.5317 AU$1.5309 AU$2,293,814,907 AU$44,458,626,011
May-25 2023 AU$1.5302 AU$1.5292 AU$1.5315 AU$1.5304 AU$3,091,383,851 AU$44,591,840,318
May-24 2023 AU$1.5300 AU$1.5293 AU$1.5322 AU$1.5300 AU$2,302,647,159 AU$44,780,698,297
May-22 2023 AU$1.5304 AU$1.5290 AU$1.5319 AU$1.5294 AU$1,585,721,989 AU$45,220,930,156
May-21 2023 AU$1.5303 AU$1.5294 AU$1.5309 AU$1.5305 AU$1,266,838,628 AU$45,231,967,332
May-19 2023 AU$1.5299 AU$1.5295 AU$1.5310 AU$1.5298 AU$2,308,628,271 AU$45,278,988,590
May-18 2023 AU$1.5293 AU$1.5291 AU$1.5307 AU$1.5295 AU$2,768,682,325 AU$45,133,929,222
May-16 2023 AU$1.5293 AU$1.5274 AU$1.5310 AU$1.5287 AU$2,389,944,017 AU$45,595,732,631
May-15 2023 AU$1.5307 AU$1.5281 AU$1.5320 AU$1.5296 AU$1,951,841,385 AU$45,878,872,919
May-14 2023 AU$1.5304 AU$1.5276 AU$1.5309 AU$1.5285 AU$1,495,052,638 AU$45,876,694,016
May-13 2023 AU$1.5298 AU$1.5291 AU$1.5312 AU$1.5302 AU$3,062,563,348 AU$45,853,381,356
May-11 2023 AU$1.5298 AU$1.5290 AU$1.5311 AU$1.5306 AU$3,826,175,579 AU$84,976,761,413
May-08 2023 AU$1.5297 AU$1.5291 AU$1.5389 AU$1.5312 AU$2,628,833,530 AU$84,968,735,938
May-07 2023 AU$1.5307 AU$1.5292 AU$1.5320 AU$1.5310 AU$3,127,368,055 AU$85,025,676,898
May-06 2023 AU$1.5311 AU$1.5286 AU$1.5319 AU$1.5290 AU$3,749,465,687 AU$85,048,931,857
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 1.52875 AUD.