Market Cap AR$291.87T 0.07%
Volume 24h AR$9.56T -27.18%
BTC % 43.64% 0.18%
ETH % 18.94% 0%
Coins 22.809 +14
Exchanges 839
Last update 50 Seconds ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h ARS Capitalization ARS
Jun-04 2023 AR$241.22 AR$241.17 AR$241.46 AR$241.26 AR$199,626,858,928 AR$6,972,043,923,112
Jun-03 2023 AR$241.24 AR$241.16 AR$241.30 AR$241.21 AR$342,872,262,117 AR$6,974,559,620,694
May-31 2023 AR$241.34 AR$241.13 AR$241.79 AR$241.36 AR$446,669,607,921 AR$6,989,560,806,483
May-30 2023 AR$241.31 AR$241.05 AR$241.37 AR$241.23 AR$344,826,297,285 AR$7,005,314,476,586
May-26 2023 AR$241.40 AR$241.35 AR$241.58 AR$241.44 AR$361,777,411,133 AR$7,011,954,877,003
May-25 2023 AR$241.34 AR$241.19 AR$241.55 AR$241.38 AR$487,568,915,536 AR$7,032,965,258,915
May-24 2023 AR$241.31 AR$241.19 AR$241.66 AR$241.30 AR$363,170,422,110 AR$7,062,751,686,129
May-22 2023 AR$241.38 AR$241.16 AR$241.60 AR$241.21 AR$250,097,945,696 AR$7,132,184,464,458
May-21 2023 AR$241.36 AR$241.22 AR$241.45 AR$241.39 AR$199,804,089,563 AR$7,133,925,233,056
May-19 2023 AR$241.30 AR$241.23 AR$241.47 AR$241.27 AR$364,113,755,086 AR$7,141,341,362,951
May-18 2023 AR$241.20 AR$241.16 AR$241.41 AR$241.24 AR$436,672,863,582 AR$7,118,462,793,941
May-16 2023 AR$241.21 AR$240.90 AR$241.47 AR$241.11 AR$376,938,765,478 AR$7,191,297,808,321
May-15 2023 AR$241.42 AR$241.02 AR$241.62 AR$241.24 AR$307,841,805,847 AR$7,235,954,314,768
May-14 2023 AR$241.37 AR$240.93 AR$241.45 AR$241.07 AR$235,797,697,283 AR$7,235,610,661,123
May-13 2023 AR$241.27 AR$241.16 AR$241.49 AR$241.34 AR$483,023,384,522 AR$7,231,933,819,749
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 241.1124 ARS.