Market Cap S$1.48T -2.25%
Volume 24h S$140.75B 27.46%
BTC % 39.55% -0.02%
ETH % 17.9% 0%
Coins 20.225 +16
Exchanges 820
Last update 2 Minutes ago
Solana SOL

Solana - SOL Price per Exchange and Market
Solana Markets, Price and Volume in : Singapore Dollar S$ & BTC

Market Pair Currency
Price SGD S$ Price BTC Vol 24h
Vol 24h
SOL/USDT Solana Tether S$40.90 Ƀ0.00101978 S$1,096,726,940 Ƀ27,341.89 High 38m 44s ago
Deepcoin Derivative Deepcoin Derivative
SOL/USDT Solana Tether S$40.90 Ƀ0.00101978 S$506,732,793 Ƀ12,633.08 High 38m 54s ago
SOL/BUSD Solana Binance USD S$40.91 Ƀ0.00101991 S$219,129,528 Ƀ5,463.00 High 38m 44s ago
SOL/USDT Solana Tether S$40.92 Ƀ0.00102004 S$209,827,190 Ƀ5,231.09 High 38m 56s ago
SOL/BUSD Solana Binance USD S$40.92 Ƀ0.00102026 S$129,197,335 Ƀ3,220.95 High 38m 56s ago
SOL/USD Solana US Dollars S$40.85 Ƀ0.00101829 S$55,989,415 Ƀ1,395.84 High 44m 34s ago
SOL/USDT Solana Tether S$40.97 Ƀ0.00102118 S$32,805,406 Ƀ817.62 High 40m 31s ago
SOL/USDT Solana Tether S$40.90 Ƀ0.00101973 S$25,859,493 Ƀ644.69 High 38m 53s ago
SOL/BTC Solana Bitcoin S$40.91 Ƀ0.00101980 S$17,730,578 Ƀ442.03 High 38m 56s ago
Gleec BTC Exchange Gleec BTC Exchange
SOL/USDT Solana Tether S$40.87 Ƀ0.00101893 S$14,378,311 Ƀ358.46 High 39m 14s ago
SOL/USD Solana US Dollars S$40.97 Ƀ0.00102136 S$10,462,688 Ƀ260.84 High 39m 10s ago
Bithumb Bithumb
SOL/KRW Solana South Korea Won S$41.29 Ƀ0.00102813 S$9,320,054 Ƀ232.09 High 38m 28s ago
SOL/USDT Solana Tether S$40.93 Ƀ0.00102030 S$6,109,875 Ƀ152.32 High 39m 20s ago
SOL/TRY Solana Turkish Lira S$41.75 Ƀ0.00104085 S$5,671,617 Ƀ141.40 High 38m 56s ago
SOL/USDT Solana Tether S$40.92 Ƀ0.00102013 S$5,223,679 Ƀ130.23 High 38m 40s ago
Bitvavo Bitvavo
SOL/EUR Solana Euro S$40.96 Ƀ0.00102010 S$4,971,531 Ƀ123.80 High 37m 46s ago
SOL/USDT Solana Tether S$41.00 Ƀ0.00102097 S$4,247,217 Ƀ105.76 High 37m 46s ago
SOL/EUR Solana Euro S$41.01 Ƀ0.00102230 S$4,023,183 Ƀ100.30 High 39m 10s ago
SOL/EUR Solana Euro S$40.93 Ƀ0.00102042 S$3,947,529 Ƀ98.41 High 38m 56s ago
SOL/USDT Solana Tether S$40.97 Ƀ0.00102135 S$3,423,840 Ƀ85.36 High 39m 12s ago
SOL/USD Solana US Dollars S$40.95 Ƀ0.00101962 S$2,479,753 Ƀ61.75 High 38m 16s ago
SOL/EUR Solana Euro S$40.99 Ƀ0.00102183 S$2,432,083 Ƀ60.63 High 44m 34s ago
SOL/USDC Solana USD Coin S$41.01 Ƀ0.00102244 S$1,676,908 Ƀ41.81 High 38m 53s ago
Gleec BTC Exchange Gleec BTC Exchange
SOL/BTC Solana Bitcoin S$40.81 Ƀ0.00101753 S$1,262,153 Ƀ31.47 High 39m 14s ago
SOL/BNB Solana Binance Coin S$40.97 Ƀ0.00102138 S$1,220,262 Ƀ30.42 High 38m 56s ago
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price and volume columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 1.32487 SGD.

Solana price, details and volume in 36 Markets and Exchanges - 186 Pairs

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