Market Cap AR$120.82T -0.48%
Volume 24h AR$16.98T 16.85%
BTC % 40.2% 0.29%
ETH % 14.42% -0.2%
Coins 17.993 +14
Exchanges 784
Last update 3 Minutes ago
Solana SOL

Solana - SOL Price per Exchange and Market
Solana Markets, Price and Volume in : Argentine Peso AR$ & BTC

Market Pair Currency
Price ARS AR$ Price BTC Vol 24h
Vol 24h
SOL/USDT Solana Tether AR$571,447.03 Ƀ0.00179153 AR$3,713,663,714,158 Ƀ11,642.61 High 1h 35m ago
SOL/BUSD Solana Binance USD AR$571,160.12 Ƀ0.00179063 AR$2,975,061,143,169 Ƀ9,327.04 High 1h 35m ago
SOL/USD Solana US Dollars AR$570,330.56 Ƀ0.00178803 AR$1,944,502,192,459 Ƀ6,096.16 High 1h 35m ago
SOL/USD Solana US Dollars AR$574,590.62 Ƀ0.00180138 AR$1,601,623,098,273 Ƀ5,021.21 High 1h 41m ago
SOL/BUSD Solana Binance USD AR$571,479.21 Ƀ0.00179163 AR$1,513,644,560,224 Ƀ4,745.39 High 1h 35m ago
Deepcoin Derivative Deepcoin Derivative
SOL/USDT Solana Tether AR$571,128.23 Ƀ0.00179053 AR$1,319,523,237,585 Ƀ4,136.80 High 1h 35m ago
SOL/USDT Solana Tether AR$571,090.38 Ƀ0.00179194 AR$456,262,648,634 Ƀ1,431.64 High 1h 34m ago
SOL/USDT Solana Tether AR$571,486.88 Ƀ0.00179165 AR$333,036,581,574 Ƀ1,044.09 High 1h 35m ago
SOL/USDT Solana Tether AR$570,762.86 Ƀ0.00179091 AR$328,306,766,884 Ƀ1,030.14 High 1h 34m ago
SOL/BTC Solana Bitcoin AR$571,246.43 Ƀ0.00179090 AR$309,902,239,942 Ƀ971.57 High 1h 35m ago
SOL/USD Solana US Dollars AR$569,812.98 Ƀ0.00178962 AR$196,933,775,409 Ƀ618.51 High 1h 33m ago
SOL/USD Solana US Dollars AR$569,585.25 Ƀ0.00178721 AR$194,572,759,180 Ƀ610.52 High 1h 34m ago
Deepcoin Deepcoin
SOL/USDT Solana Tether AR$571,287.63 Ƀ0.00179103 AR$174,864,201,339 Ƀ548.21 High 1h 34m ago
SOL/EUR Solana Euro AR$569,204.15 Ƀ0.00178450 AR$83,532,615,663 Ƀ261.88 High 1h 35m ago
SOL/TRY Solana Turkish Lira AR$570,596.60 Ƀ0.00178886 AR$65,869,830,709 Ƀ206.51 High 1h 35m ago
SOL/USDC Solana USD Coin AR$571,219.71 Ƀ0.00179082 AR$64,391,170,353 Ƀ201.87 High 1h 35m ago
Bitvavo Bitvavo
SOL/EUR Solana Euro AR$568,714.58 Ƀ0.00178547 AR$58,950,401,628 Ƀ185.07 High 1h 32m ago
SOL/EUR Solana Euro AR$569,856.91 Ƀ0.00178807 AR$54,880,014,460 Ƀ172.20 High 1h 34m ago
SOL/USDT Solana Tether AR$569,854.07 Ƀ0.00178975 AR$51,741,188,081 Ƀ162.50 High 1h 33m ago
SOL/EUR Solana Euro AR$574,263.02 Ƀ0.00180036 AR$48,506,371,789 Ƀ152.07 High 1h 41m ago
SOL/USD Solana US Dollars AR$570,115.57 Ƀ0.00178888 AR$41,287,514,309 Ƀ129.55 High 1h 34m ago
SOL/BTC Solana Bitcoin AR$571,358.07 Ƀ0.00179125 AR$30,861,988,488 Ƀ96.75 High 1h 35m ago
SOL/GBP Solana Pound Sterling AR$574,420.64 Ƀ0.00180085 AR$28,898,020,430 Ƀ90.60 High 1h 41m ago
SOL/BTC Solana Bitcoin AR$572,777.50 Ƀ0.00179570 AR$26,168,943,075 Ƀ82.04 High 1h 41m ago
SOL/ETH Solana Ethereum AR$571,750.32 Ƀ0.00179248 AR$24,938,741,748 Ƀ78.18 High 1h 35m ago
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price and volume columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 126.19612 ARS.

Solana price, details and volume in 32 Markets and Exchanges - 133 Pairs

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