Coronavirus COVID-19 Bermuda

Coronavirus COVID-19 in Bermuda: Information of cases and statistics in real time of Bermuda

Last update: 11 Minutes ago
Total Cases
New Cases
Total deaths
152 0.82%
18,343 99.05%
Active Cases
First Case 03-17-2020 996d
Population 61.070
Last update 11 Minutes ago
Total Tests 1,019,654
Tests 1M Pop 16,696,479


In Bermuda until today (), there are a total of 18,519 COVID-19 Coronavirus cases confirmed, of which 99.05% are indicated as recovered, with a total of 18,343 recovered patients. Bermuda has 24 active cases. The first case of Coronavirus in Bermuda was recorded on the day 03-17-2020, 996 days ago.

In total were registered in Bermuda a total of 152 Coronavirus deaths, with a percentage of deaths over the total registered cases of 0.82%.

With a total population of 61.070, Bermuda has a rate of 303,242.18 of Covid-19 cases per million inhabitants, and a death rate of 2,488.95 for every 1 million inhabitants.

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Bermuda:
Cumulative Interactive Chart - Total Cases, Total deaths and Recovered

Accumulated Since Date: 03-02-2020

Coronavirus COVID-19 Bermuda: % Deaths and % Recovered

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Bermuda: Cases 1M Pop and Deaths 1M Pop

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Bermuda: Interactive graph of new daily activity

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Coronavirus COVID-19: Information of cases and statistics of Bermuda by date

Country Date Cases New Cases Deaths New deaths % Deaths Recovered New Recovered % Recovered Active Cases Cases 1M Pop Deaths 1M Pop
Bermuda 12-08-2022 18,519 - 152 - 0.82% 18,343 - 99.05% 24 303,242.18 2,488.95

Country additional information

Country Bermuda
National Capital Hamilton
Total area 54 km²
Population 61.070
Currency Code BMD
Currency Name Bermudian dollar
Official language English
CCTLD Code bm