Market Cap Rp14,360.81T -0.68%
Volume 24h Rp2,022.07T 16.79%
BTC % 40.26% 0.37%
ETH % 14.45% -0.13%
Coins 17.993 +14
Exchanges 784
Last update 1 minute ago

USD Coin - USDC Price per Exchange and Market
USD Coin Markets, Price and Volume in : Indonesian Rupiah Rp & BTC

Market Pair Currency
Price IDR Rp Price BTC Vol 24h
Vol 24h
USDC/USDT USD Coin Tether Rp225,677,884.28 Ƀ0.00005002 Rp51,763,113,671,097,984 Ƀ11,473.61 High 1h 42m ago
BTC/USDC Bitcoin USD Coin Rp4,512,154,240,258.39 Ƀ1.00014661 Rp24,430,316,929,626,932 Ƀ5,415.13 High 1h 42m ago
USDC/BUSD USD Coin Binance USD Rp225,653,959.91 Ƀ0.00005002 Rp22,890,245,859,367,176 Ƀ5,073.76 High 1h 42m ago
ETH/USDC Ethereum USD Coin Rp254,831,555,665.25 Ƀ0.05648497 Rp14,346,143,403,628,402 Ƀ3,179.91 High 1h 42m ago
WhiteBIT WhiteBIT
USDC/USDT USD Coin Tether Rp225,618,344.32 Ƀ0.00005005 Rp12,859,814,242,559,592 Ƀ2,852.89 High 1h 41m ago
ETH/USDC Ethereum USD Coin Rp254,115,646,166.60 Ƀ0.05638703 Rp10,092,578,495,843,338 Ƀ2,239.49 High 1h 32m ago
Bequant Bequant
ETH/USDC Ethereum USD Coin Rp254,039,591,920.95 Ƀ0.05641080 Rp10,079,131,773,957,196 Ƀ2,238.12 High 1h 40m ago
ETH/USDC Ethereum USD Coin Rp254,527,124,662.05 Ƀ0.05646559 Rp9,317,576,008,826,418 Ƀ2,067.06 High 1h 41m ago
DigiFinex DigiFinex
BTC/USDC Bitcoin USD Coin Rp4,305,326,311,399.99 Ƀ1.00137655 Rp8,986,655,071,516,776 Ƀ2,090.21 High 2d 19h ago
BTC/USDC Bitcoin USD Coin Rp4,507,065,459,665.92 Ƀ1.00009590 Rp8,209,502,866,574,176 Ƀ1,821.65 High 1h 32m ago
Bequant Bequant
BTC/USDC Bitcoin USD Coin Rp4,502,674,138,106.96 Ƀ0.99984198 Rp8,167,167,380,592,070 Ƀ1,813.56 High 1h 40m ago
DigiFinex DigiFinex
USDC/USDT USD Coin Tether Rp225,714,996.77 Ƀ0.00005250 Rp7,379,541,528,526,603 Ƀ1,716.41 High 2d 19h ago
Deepcoin Deepcoin
USDC/USDT USD Coin Tether Rp225,700,429.52 Ƀ0.00005003 Rp6,975,257,464,882,541 Ƀ1,546.11 High 1h 42m ago
Hotbit Hotbit
USDC/USDT USD Coin Tether Rp225,806,865.56 Ƀ0.00005014 Rp6,047,996,321,616,968 Ƀ1,342.99 High 1h 41m ago
BTC/USDC Bitcoin USD Coin Rp4,508,772,652,431.62 Ƀ1.00024898 Rp5,267,459,513,519,448 Ƀ1,168.56 High 1h 41m ago
ETH/USDC Ethereum USD Coin Rp254,651,064,080.89 Ƀ0.05644497 Rp4,996,436,253,266,237 Ƀ1,107.49 High 1h 42m ago
USDC/EUR USD Coin Euro Rp225,180,862.46 Ƀ0.00005000 Rp4,659,945,512,405,056 Ƀ1,034.76 High 1h 41m ago
USDC/USD USD Coin US Dollars Rp225,225,043.31 Ƀ0.00005001 Rp4,132,828,471,342,272 Ƀ917.72 High 1h 41m ago
USDC/USDT USD Coin Tether Rp225,640,885.87 Ƀ0.00005006 Rp3,985,289,980,044,756 Ƀ884.12 High 1h 41m ago
Bitvast Bitvast
BTC/USDC Bitcoin USD Coin Rp4,506,436,598,716.77 Ƀ1.00028262 Rp3,272,475,116,382,814 Ƀ726.38 High 1h 39m ago
WhiteBIT WhiteBIT
BTC/USDC Bitcoin USD Coin Rp4,508,395,992,885.19 Ƀ1.00016542 Rp3,141,586,499,435,044 Ƀ696.95 High 1h 41m ago
TUSD/USDC TrueUSD USD Coin Rp225,614,480.45 Ƀ0.00005001 Rp2,786,836,539,068,432 Ƀ617.72 High 1h 42m ago Exchange Exchange
BTC/USDC Bitcoin USD Coin Rp4,500,272,564,661.52 Ƀ0.99930870 Rp2,579,435,541,254,036 Ƀ572.78 High 1h 40m ago
BTC/USDC Bitcoin USD Coin Rp4,519,734,886,801.26 Ƀ1.00182691 Rp2,505,134,838,467,396 Ƀ555.28 High 1h 48m ago
USDT/USDC Tether USD Coin Rp225,521,734.17 Ƀ0.00005005 Rp2,474,678,210,862,164 Ƀ549.16 High 1h 38m ago
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price and volume columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 15008.25 IDR.

USD Coin price, details and volume in 128 Markets and Exchanges - 1,944 Pairs

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