Market Cap R$13.04T 4.59%
Volume 24h R$1.92T 44.22%
BTC % 49.89% 0.48%
ETH % 16.89% 1.65%
Coins 25.675 +14
Exchanges 885
Last update 1 minute ago
Binance Coin BNB

Binance Coin - BNB Price per Exchange and Market
Binance Coin Markets, Price and Volume in : Brazilian Real R$ & BTC

Market Pair Currency
Price BRL R$ Price BTC Vol 24h
Vol 24h
BNB/USDT Binance Coin Tether R$6,374.53 Ƀ0.00596462 R$12,821,093,913 Ƀ11,996.64 High 2mos 1w ago
BNB/USDT Binance Coin Tether R$6,380.66 Ƀ0.00597035 R$7,107,679,556 Ƀ6,650.62 High 2mos 1w ago
BNB/USDT Binance Coin Tether R$6,371.28 Ƀ0.00596199 R$1,559,178,570 Ƀ1,459.02 High 2mos 1w ago
Deepcoin Derivative Deepcoin Derivative
BNB/USDT Binance Coin Tether R$6,372.20 Ƀ0.00596244 R$1,460,194,556 Ƀ1,366.30 High 2mos 1w ago
CoinTiger CoinTiger
BNB/USDT Binance Coin Tether R$6,381.57 Ƀ0.00597162 R$917,495,292 Ƀ858.56 High 2mos 1w ago
BNB/USDT Binance Coin Tether R$6,379.12 Ƀ0.00596932 R$844,256,827 Ƀ790.02 High 2mos 1w ago
BNB/BTC Binance Coin Bitcoin R$6,380.28 Ƀ0.00597000 R$434,794,442 Ƀ406.84 High 2mos 1w ago
Lbank Lbank
BNB/USDT Binance Coin Tether R$6,381.57 Ƀ0.00597162 R$403,546,229 Ƀ377.62 High 2mos 1w ago
Toobit Toobit
BNB/USDT Binance Coin Tether R$6,388.92 Ƀ0.00597850 R$349,044,135 Ƀ326.62 High 2mos 1w ago
BNB/USDT Binance Coin Tether R$6,381.57 Ƀ0.00597162 R$348,978,617 Ƀ326.56 High 2mos 1w ago
BNB/USDT Binance Coin Tether R$6,381.82 Ƀ0.00597185 R$243,146,527 Ƀ227.53 High 2mos 1w ago
BNB/USDT Binance Coin Tether R$6,380.25 Ƀ0.00597038 R$230,137,284 Ƀ215.35 High 2mos 1w ago
BNB/FDUSD Binance Coin First Digital USD R$6,383.44 Ƀ0.00597296 R$218,921,045 Ƀ204.84 High 2mos 1w ago
CoinW CoinW
BNB/USDT Binance Coin Tether R$6,382.89 Ƀ0.00597286 R$194,627,677 Ƀ182.12 High 2mos 1w ago
DigiFinex DigiFinex
BNB/USDT Binance Coin Tether R$6,381.57 Ƀ0.00597162 R$170,572,927 Ƀ159.62 High 2mos 1w ago
BNB/USDT Binance Coin Tether R$6,381.57 Ƀ0.00597162 R$140,259,283 Ƀ131.25 High 2mos 1w ago
BNB/TUSD Binance Coin TrueUSD R$6,382.13 Ƀ0.00597173 R$139,670,623 Ƀ130.69 High 2mos 1w ago
Pionex Pionex
BNB/USDT Binance Coin Tether R$6,378.70 Ƀ0.00596893 R$117,793,028 Ƀ110.23 High 2mos 1w ago
BNB/USDT Binance Coin Tether R$6,369.07 Ƀ0.00595992 R$113,725,989 Ƀ106.42 High 2mos 1w ago
BNB/ETH Binance Coin Ethereum R$6,386.18 Ƀ0.00597552 R$93,665,603 Ƀ87.64 High 2mos 1w ago
Bequant Bequant
BNB/USDT Binance Coin Tether R$6,383.36 Ƀ0.00597393 R$49,822,655 Ƀ46.63 High 2mos 1w ago
BNB/USDT Binance Coin Tether R$6,377.65 Ƀ0.00597404 R$49,775,038 Ƀ46.63 High 2mos 1w ago
SOL/BNB Solana Binance Coin R$1,996.78 Ƀ0.00186838 R$49,546,817 Ƀ46.36 High 2mos 1w ago
ACE/BNB Fusionist Binance Coin R$331.42 Ƀ0.00031481 R$49,330,161 Ƀ46.86 High 2mos 2w ago
BNB/TRY Binance Coin Turkish Lira R$6,400.22 Ƀ0.00598866 R$46,568,330 Ƀ43.57 High 2mos 1w ago
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price and volume columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 4.9463 BRL.

Binance Coin price, details and volume in 118 Markets and Exchanges - 714 Pairs

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