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JSON Online editor, view, edit and validate JSON format online

With this online tool you can easily create, edit, view and validate JSON format. You can use both panels simultaneously alternating the different views and modes available.

The JSON editing tool is compatible with most available web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.

The JSOn editor has different modes and views, including the tree mode view, where you can add, modify, move, duplicate and edit elements and values, sort arrays and objects, transform JSON with JMESPath queries, select colors with a dynamic selector of colors, search and highlight content and validate JSON schemas, among others.

With Code mode, you can format and compact JSON, repair JSON and validate JSON schemas.

In text mode, you can format and compact JSON, repair JSON, and validate JSON schemas.

In Preview mode, you can handle large JSON-type documents, up to 500 MB, which means tens or hundreds of thousands of lines and elements. You can transform JSON using JMESPath queries, format and compact JSON, repair JSON and validate JSON schemas.

You can create new JSON, paste existing JSON or upload a file containing JSON. You can also download the content that you have edited or generated by saving it in a JSON file.

Initially, two panels will be loaded, one of the code type and the other of the dynamic tree type. You can change any of these two panels to the format you want. The contents in both views will always be synchronized automatically.