Market Cap Rp13,662.67T 0.63%
Volume 24h Rp1,100.28T -6.63%
BTC % 36.45% -0.54%
ETH % 17.01% 0.94%
Coins 19.684 +9
Exchanges 812
Last update 41 Seconds ago
Polygon - Matic Network MATIC

Polygon - Matic Network - MATIC Price per Exchange and Market
Polygon - Matic Network Markets, Price and Volume in : Indonesian Rupiah Rp & BTC

Market Pair Currency
Price IDR Rp Price BTC Vol 24h
Vol 24h
MATIC/USDT Polygon Tether Rp208,933,531.30 Ƀ0.00005146 Rp62,060,958,831,920,016 Ƀ15,286.47 High 1h 57m ago
MATIC/USDT Polygon Tether Rp209,105,939.02 Ƀ0.00005151 Rp10,421,245,847,228,648 Ƀ2,566.90 High 1h 57m ago
MATIC/BUSD Polygon Binance USD Rp208,964,594.40 Ƀ0.00005147 Rp9,311,348,649,598,454 Ƀ2,293.51 High 1h 57m ago
MATIC/BUSD Polygon Binance USD Rp209,087,819.18 Ƀ0.00005150 Rp5,025,382,850,188,293 Ƀ1,237.82 High 1h 57m ago
MATIC/USD Polygon US Dollars Rp208,875,107.62 Ƀ0.00005145 Rp4,570,314,183,739,631 Ƀ1,125.73 High 2h 2m ago
BitBunch BitBunch
MATIC/BNB Polygon Binance Coin Rp208,866,788.96 Ƀ0.00005145 Rp4,401,840,265,473,170 Ƀ1,084.20 High 1h 57m ago
BitBunch BitBunch
MATIC/ETH Polygon Ethereum Rp210,025,582.68 Ƀ0.00005173 Rp3,454,827,014,486,635 Ƀ850.95 High 1h 57m ago
MATIC/USDT Polygon Tether Rp209,038,018.83 Ƀ0.00005148 Rp1,781,161,535,135,001 Ƀ438.65 High 1h 53m ago
MATIC/USDT Polygon Tether Rp209,155,198.37 Ƀ0.00005152 Rp1,376,027,771,015,220 Ƀ338.93 High 1h 57m ago
MATIC/USDT Polygon Tether Rp209,056,679.67 Ƀ0.00005149 Rp1,283,217,767,629,166 Ƀ316.07 High 1h 57m ago
WhiteBIT WhiteBIT
MATIC/USDT Polygon Tether Rp209,073,920.44 Ƀ0.00005150 Rp1,041,053,009,792,573 Ƀ256.43 High 1h 57m ago
MATIC/BTC Polygon Bitcoin Rp209,001,681.99 Ƀ0.00005148 Rp875,282,219,526,055 Ƀ215.59 High 1h 57m ago
Deepcoin Derivative Deepcoin Derivative
MATIC/USDT Polygon Tether Rp208,908,901.62 Ƀ0.00005146 Rp560,117,772,858,716 Ƀ137.96 High 1h 57m ago
MATIC/USD Polygon US Dollars Rp208,924,364.81 Ƀ0.00005146 Rp467,456,587,391,892 Ƀ115.14 High 1h 57m ago
MATIC/BTC Polygon Bitcoin Rp209,101,626.31 Ƀ0.00005150 Rp457,501,184,969,508 Ƀ112.67 High 1h 53m ago
MATIC/USD Polygon US Dollars Rp208,899,736.22 Ƀ0.00005145 Rp336,804,595,539,143 Ƀ82.96 High 1h 57m ago
Omgfin Omgfin
MATIC/ETH Polygon Ethereum Rp208,967,127.00 Ƀ0.00005147 Rp290,003,345,947,349 Ƀ71.42 High 1h 56m ago
MATIC/BTC Polygon Bitcoin Rp209,042,280.60 Ƀ0.00005149 Rp280,744,515,795,613 Ƀ69.15 High 1h 57m ago
MATIC/USDT Polygon Tether Rp209,081,309.35 Ƀ0.00005150 Rp234,628,808,179,136 Ƀ57.79 High 1h 57m ago
MATIC/USDT Polygon Tether Rp209,130,568.70 Ƀ0.00005151 Rp229,218,530,813,077 Ƀ56.46 High 1h 57m ago
MATIC/BNB Polygon Binance Coin Rp208,919,639.16 Ƀ0.00005146 Rp206,565,637,129,217 Ƀ50.88 High 1h 57m ago
AscendEX (BitMax) AscendEX (BitMax)
MATIC/USDT Polygon Tether Rp209,070,095.29 Ƀ0.00005149 Rp199,686,193,128,821 Ƀ49.18 High 1h 56m ago
WhiteBIT WhiteBIT
MATIC/EUR Polygon Euro Rp209,084,761.44 Ƀ0.00005150 Rp189,150,703,915,511 Ƀ46.59 High 1h 57m ago
MATIC/USDT Polygon Tether Rp209,105,939.02 Ƀ0.00005151 Rp186,591,502,567,275 Ƀ45.96 High 1h 57m ago
MATIC/USDC Polygon USD Coin Rp209,077,300.35 Ƀ0.00005150 Rp174,833,365,636,364 Ƀ43.06 High 1h 57m ago
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price and volume columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 15693.5 IDR.

Polygon - Matic Network price, details and volume in 64 Markets and Exchanges - 606 Pairs

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