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Filecoin FIL

Filecoin (FIL) Technology, Details and Circulation

Filecoin FIL

Filecoin (FIL) Technology and Details

Currency Name Filecoin
Currency Symbol FIL
Alternative Symbols No alternative symbols found. This currency is consistently represented as FIL across all analyzed platforms.
Category Coin
Filecoin FIL Filecoin does not depend on an external platform as it is a standalone and independent cryptocurrency.
Audits & Rating
2 aWebAnalysis Rating

Our rating is a composite score based on the ratings from multiple sources, including CertiK, Cyberscope, Fairyproof, Hacken, Quantstamp, SlowMist, TokenInsight, Verichains, and Xangle, among others, providing a general assessment of the coin's reliability and security.

86.95 / 100
4.35 out of 5
Calculated at 07-18-2024
85.9 / 100
4.3 out of 5
Last checked 05-29-2024
88 / 100
4.4 out of 5
Last checked 07-18-2024
Filecoin Compatible Wallets

We found 9 compatible wallets with Filecoin.

Binance Chain Wallet Binance Chain Wallet
Coinbase Coinbase
HyperPay HyperPay
imToken imToken
Ledger Ledger
Math Wallet Math Wallet
MetaMask MetaMask
Trezor Trezor
Trust Wallet Trust Wallet
Contract Addresses

We found 3 contract addresses on different platforms for Filecoin.

Filecoin official Website
Filecoin Transactions Explorer
Filecoin official Twitter Account
Filecoin Source Code
Filecoin Blog
Filecoin Message Boards / Forum
Project Start Date 10-14-2020
Currency Algorithm None
Currency Proof Type Not mineable
Open Source
Filecoin is Open Source, its source code is available and accessible.
Compatible with Hardware Hallets? -
Filecoin FIL

Filecoin Blockchain details and Mining parameters

Difficulty Adjustment -
Block Reward -
Block Reward Reduction -
Block Number -
Block Time -
Net Hashes Per Second -
Filecoin FIL

Filecoin Circulation

Current Circulation 572,074,369 FIL
Available Circulation 1,960,107,897 FIL
Total / Max Circulation 1,960,598,432 FIL
Filecoin FIL

Filecoin Whitepaper

Filecoin FIL

Filecoin Logo and Icon Set

Filecoin Logo icon 16px
Filecoin FIL Logo
Filecoin Logo icon 32px
Filecoin FIL Logo
Filecoin Logo icon 64px
Filecoin FIL Logo
Filecoin Logo icon 128px
Filecoin FIL Logo
Filecoin FIL

Filecoin Team Members