Market Cap S$1.45T -0.03%
Volume 24h S$105.02B -33.67%
BTC % 40.49% 0.34%
ETH % 17.68% -0.28%
Coins 20.150 +2
Exchanges 819
Last update 2 Minutes ago
Binance USD BUSD

Binance USD - BUSD Price per Exchange and Market
Binance USD Markets, Price and Volume in : Singapore Dollar S$ & BTC

Market Pair Currency
Price SGD S$ Price BTC Vol 24h
Vol 24h
ETH/BUSD Ethereum Binance USD S$2,769.33 Ƀ0.06905187 S$1,681,946,793 Ƀ41,938.56 High 1h 16m ago
BTC/BUSD Bitcoin Binance USD S$40,112.09 Ƀ1.00017634 S$1,611,791,395 Ƀ40,189.27 High 1h 16m ago
BUSD/USDT Binance USD Tether S$1.72 Ƀ0.00004300 S$1,364,963,322 Ƀ34,034.72 High 1h 15m ago
ETH/BUSD Ethereum Binance USD S$2,770.55 Ƀ0.06908239 S$745,795,241 Ƀ18,596.06 High 1h 15m ago
SOL/BUSD Solana Binance USD S$42.04 Ƀ0.00104824 S$221,333,470 Ƀ5,518.85 High 1h 16m ago
APT/BUSD Aptos Binance USD S$31.14 Ƀ0.00077647 S$206,563,635 Ƀ5,150.57 High 1h 15m ago
DOGE/BUSD Dogecoin Binance USD S$0.153606 Ƀ0.00000383 S$173,065,370 Ƀ4,315.30 High 1h 16m ago
SOL/BUSD Solana Binance USD S$42.06 Ƀ0.00104875 S$108,267,228 Ƀ2,699.59 High 1h 15m ago
BNB/BUSD Binance Coin Binance USD S$533.51 Ƀ0.01330285 S$108,233,162 Ƀ2,698.74 High 1h 15m ago
BNB/BUSD Binance Coin Binance USD S$533.27 Ƀ0.01329683 S$108,113,918 Ƀ2,695.77 High 1h 16m ago
MATIC/BUSD Polygon Binance USD S$1.99 Ƀ0.00004951 S$97,626,520 Ƀ2,434.27 High 1h 15m ago
DOGE/BUSD Dogecoin Binance USD S$0.153658 Ƀ0.00000383 S$89,196,042 Ƀ2,224.06 High 1h 15m ago
MATIC/BUSD Polygon Binance USD S$1.99 Ƀ0.00004952 S$88,730,828 Ƀ2,212.46 High 1h 16m ago
AGIX/BUSD Singularity NET Binance USD S$0.326019 Ƀ0.00000813 S$84,890,285 Ƀ2,116.70 High 1h 15m ago
AVAX/BUSD Avalanche Binance USD S$35.60 Ƀ0.00088762 S$74,445,526 Ƀ1,856.26 High 1h 16m ago
SNM/BUSD SONM Binance USD S$1.96 Ƀ0.00004881 S$70,327,825 Ƀ1,753.59 High 1h 15m ago
AVAX/BUSD Avalanche Binance USD S$35.58 Ƀ0.00088714 S$65,589,412 Ƀ1,635.44 High 1h 15m ago
HOOK/BUSD Hooked Protocol Binance USD S$6.16 Ƀ0.00015355 S$61,490,903 Ƀ1,533.25 High 1h 15m ago
LTC/BUSD Litecoin Binance USD S$165.04 Ƀ0.00411507 S$59,616,836 Ƀ1,486.52 High 1h 15m ago
XRP/BUSD XRP Binance USD S$0.708475 Ƀ0.00001767 S$58,112,740 Ƀ1,449.01 High 1h 16m ago
SHIB/BUSD Shiba Inu Binance USD S$0.000021 Ƀ0.00000000 S$54,088,625 Ƀ1,348.67 High 1h 15m ago
BUSD/TRY Binance USD Turkish Lira S$1.75 Ƀ0.00004375 S$47,333,750 Ƀ1,180.24 High 1h 15m ago
LTC/BUSD Litecoin Binance USD S$164.98 Ƀ0.00411378 S$46,984,008 Ƀ1,171.52 High 1h 16m ago
Coinsbit Coinsbit
ETH/BUSD Ethereum Binance USD S$2,769.64 Ƀ0.06905976 S$45,379,487 Ƀ1,131.52 High 1h 16m ago
FTM/BUSD Fantom Binance USD S$0.784494 Ƀ0.00001956 S$42,407,929 Ƀ1,057.42 High 1h 16m ago
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price and volume columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 1.3129 SGD.

Binance USD price, details and volume in 39 Markets and Exchanges - 2,183 Pairs

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