Market Cap Rp14,368.89T -0.48%
Volume 24h Rp2,018.99T 16.85%
BTC % 40.2% 0.29%
ETH % 14.42% -0.2%
Coins 17.993 +14
Exchanges 784
Last update 4 Minutes ago
Binance USD BUSD

Binance USD - BUSD Price per Exchange and Market
Binance USD Markets, Price and Volume in : Indonesian Rupiah Rp & BTC

Market Pair Currency
Price IDR Rp Price BTC Vol 24h
Vol 24h
ETH/BUSD Ethereum Binance USD Rp254,752,038,045.84 Ƀ0.05646735 Rp348,972,457,114,382,592 Ƀ77,351.88 High 1h 41m ago
ETH/BUSD Ethereum Binance USD Rp254,887,430,421.78 Ƀ0.05649736 Rp141,576,226,541,466,512 Ƀ31,381.24 High 1h 41m ago
BUSD/USDT Binance USD Tether Rp225,677,884.28 Ƀ0.00005002 Rp110,757,245,551,918,320 Ƀ24,550.02 High 1h 41m ago
SOL/BUSD Solana Binance USD Rp8,078,411,764.95 Ƀ0.00179063 Rp42,078,863,514,923,264 Ƀ9,327.04 High 1h 41m ago
BUSD/USDT Binance USD Tether Rp225,617,380.24 Ƀ0.00005006 Rp32,628,484,324,292,032 Ƀ7,240.10 High 1h 31m ago
BNB/BUSD Binance Coin Binance USD Rp52,534,498,407.77 Ƀ0.01164459 Rp24,966,897,437,566,952 Ƀ5,534.07 High 1h 41m ago
USDC/BUSD USD Coin Binance USD Rp225,653,959.91 Ƀ0.00005002 Rp22,890,245,859,367,176 Ƀ5,073.76 High 1h 41m ago
SOL/BUSD Solana Binance USD Rp8,082,924,844.15 Ƀ0.00179163 Rp21,408,784,490,371,364 Ƀ4,745.39 High 1h 41m ago
Deepcoin Deepcoin
BUSD/USDT Binance USD Tether Rp225,700,429.52 Ƀ0.00005003 Rp20,654,003,844,198,400 Ƀ4,578.09 High 1h 41m ago
BNB/BUSD Binance Coin Binance USD Rp52,554,807,264.16 Ƀ0.01164909 Rp19,513,274,728,036,416 Ƀ4,325.24 High 1h 41m ago
USTC/BUSD Terra Classic USD Binance USD Rp12,733,804.15 Ƀ0.00000282 Rp17,493,554,957,875,402 Ƀ3,877.55 High 1h 41m ago
MATIC/BUSD Polygon Binance USD Rp114,316,296.09 Ƀ0.00002534 Rp12,131,705,041,494,872 Ƀ2,689.07 High 1h 41m ago
ADA/BUSD Cardano Binance USD Rp103,078,728.89 Ƀ0.00002285 Rp10,790,969,596,782,984 Ƀ2,391.88 High 1h 41m ago
BTC/BUSD Bitcoin Binance USD Rp4,505,891,477,035.86 Ƀ0.99983539 Rp10,355,468,134,581,388 Ƀ2,297.83 High 1h 31m ago
AVAX/BUSD Avalanche Binance USD Rp4,136,237,085.24 Ƀ0.00091682 Rp9,299,142,027,478,288 Ƀ2,061.21 High 1h 41m ago
Coinsbit Coinsbit
BTC/BUSD Bitcoin Binance USD Rp4,512,553,849,713.26 Ƀ1.00023519 Rp8,102,117,568,487,498 Ƀ1,795.88 High 1h 41m ago
AVAX/BUSD Avalanche Binance USD Rp4,130,370,082.28 Ƀ0.00091552 Rp8,028,526,628,166,032 Ƀ1,779.57 High 1h 41m ago
ADA/BUSD Cardano Binance USD Rp103,146,425.08 Ƀ0.00002286 Rp7,402,568,539,834,193 Ƀ1,640.82 High 1h 41m ago
XRP/BUSD XRP Binance USD Rp72,953,925.24 Ƀ0.00001617 Rp7,350,372,863,679,236 Ƀ1,629.26 High 1h 41m ago
DOGE/BUSD Dogecoin Binance USD Rp15,233,898.83 Ƀ0.00000338 Rp6,101,172,034,658,418 Ƀ1,352.36 High 1h 41m ago
XRP/BUSD XRP Binance USD Rp72,863,663.66 Ƀ0.00001615 Rp6,079,176,283,540,129 Ƀ1,347.49 High 1h 41m ago
BUSD/TRY Binance USD Turkish Lira Rp225,475,062.07 Ƀ0.00004998 Rp5,800,394,899,829,101 Ƀ1,285.69 High 1h 41m ago
SHIB/BUSD Shiba Inu Binance USD Rp2,344.54 Ƀ0.00000000 Rp4,845,690,029,721,782 Ƀ1,074.08 High 1h 41m ago
APE/BUSD ApeCoin Binance USD Rp1,089,908,626.39 Ƀ0.00024158 Rp4,643,685,619,836,946 Ƀ1,029.30 High 1h 41m ago
NEAR/BUSD Near Protocol Binance USD Rp764,966,924.11 Ƀ0.00016956 Rp4,424,348,378,585,496 Ƀ980.68 High 1h 41m ago
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price and volume columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 15008.25 IDR.

Binance USD price, details and volume in 30 Markets and Exchanges - 3,496 Pairs

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