Market Cap CL$941.48T 3.2%
Volume 24h CL$117.88T -3.04%
BTC % 40.24% 0.91%
ETH % 14.43% 0.62%
Coins 17.998 +16
Exchanges 785
Last update 26 Seconds ago
Binance USD BUSD

Binance USD - BUSD Price per Exchange and Market
Binance USD Markets, Price and Volume in : Chilean Peso CL$ & BTC

Market Pair Currency
Price CLP CL$ Price BTC Vol 24h
Vol 24h
ETH/BUSD Ethereum Binance USD CL$1,083,076,723.23 Ƀ0.05628829 CL$1,310,879,328,733,276 Ƀ68,127.36 High 1h 17m ago
BTC/BUSD Bitcoin Binance USD CL$19,249,032,505.80 Ƀ1.00038635 CL$777,964,446,993,141 Ƀ40,431.38 High 1h 16m ago
ETH/BUSD Ethereum Binance USD CL$1,083,621,742.07 Ƀ0.05631662 CL$575,378,752,603,550 Ƀ29,902.86 High 1h 16m ago
BUSD/USDT Binance USD Tether CL$956,328.04 Ƀ0.00004970 CL$462,503,385,222,168 Ƀ24,036.64 High 1h 16m ago
SOL/BUSD Solana Binance USD CL$34,173,636.99 Ƀ0.00177603 CL$170,857,796,151,389 Ƀ8,879.61 High 1h 17m ago
BUSD/USDT Binance USD Tether CL$956,359.90 Ƀ0.00004966 CL$124,810,527,338,745 Ƀ6,481.17 High 1h 5m ago
BNB/BUSD Binance Coin Binance USD CL$225,915,087.05 Ƀ0.01174097 CL$101,518,256,279,181 Ƀ5,275.98 High 1h 17m ago
SOL/BUSD Solana Binance USD CL$34,202,322.19 Ƀ0.00177752 CL$93,319,102,977,793 Ƀ4,849.86 High 1h 16m ago
BNB/BUSD Binance Coin Binance USD CL$226,135,006.93 Ƀ0.01175240 CL$82,775,566,674,992 Ƀ4,301.91 High 1h 16m ago
USDC/BUSD USD Coin Binance USD CL$956,173.39 Ƀ0.00004969 CL$64,482,889,883,618 Ƀ3,351.22 High 1h 16m ago
MATIC/BUSD Polygon Binance USD CL$494,628.50 Ƀ0.00002571 CL$51,316,737,039,422 Ƀ2,666.97 High 1h 16m ago
BTC/BUSD Bitcoin Binance USD CL$19,265,615,240.29 Ƀ1.00042614 CL$44,500,722,398,554 Ƀ2,310.84 High 1h 5m ago
ADA/BUSD Cardano Binance USD CL$435,632.60 Ƀ0.00002264 CL$40,535,905,446,478 Ƀ2,106.68 High 1h 17m ago
AVAX/BUSD Avalanche Binance USD CL$17,564,905.19 Ƀ0.00091286 CL$37,897,938,964,758 Ƀ1,969.58 High 1h 16m ago
AVAX/BUSD Avalanche Binance USD CL$17,551,518.76 Ƀ0.00091217 CL$35,747,955,794,103 Ƀ1,857.85 High 1h 17m ago
Coinsbit Coinsbit
BTC/BUSD Bitcoin Binance USD CL$19,252,212,668.20 Ƀ1.00055163 CL$32,236,815,708,041 Ƀ1,675.37 High 1h 16m ago
ADA/BUSD Cardano Binance USD CL$435,823.83 Ƀ0.00002265 CL$27,155,700,224,119 Ƀ1,411.30 High 1h 16m ago
XRP/BUSD XRP Binance USD CL$308,844.01 Ƀ0.00001605 CL$26,651,143,997,867 Ƀ1,385.08 High 1h 16m ago
BUSD/TRY Binance USD Turkish Lira CL$958,393.91 Ƀ0.00004981 CL$25,305,639,731,848 Ƀ1,315.15 High 1h 16m ago
XRP/BUSD XRP Binance USD CL$308,652.77 Ƀ0.00001604 CL$23,736,985,580,123 Ƀ1,233.63 High 1h 17m ago
APE/BUSD ApeCoin Binance USD CL$4,785,839.06 Ƀ0.00024872 CL$21,590,677,675,203 Ƀ1,122.08 High 1h 16m ago
DODO/BUSD DODO Binance USD CL$128,892.17 Ƀ0.00000670 CL$21,531,841,461,193 Ƀ1,119.03 High 1h 17m ago
DOGE/BUSD Dogecoin Binance USD CL$63,948.88 Ƀ0.00000332 CL$21,282,464,171,964 Ƀ1,106.07 High 1h 17m ago
SHIB/BUSD Shiba Inu Binance USD CL$9.93 Ƀ0.00000000 CL$17,551,970,168,597 Ƀ912.19 High 1h 16m ago
SAND/BUSD The Sandbox Binance USD CL$1,187,567.35 Ƀ0.00006172 CL$16,674,325,600,797 Ƀ866.58 High 1h 16m ago
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price and volume columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 977.5 CLP.

Binance USD price, details and volume in 30 Markets and Exchanges - 3,519 Pairs

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