Hex HEX Hex (HEX) Technology, Details and Circulation

Hex HEXHex (HEX) Technology and Details

Currency Name Hex
Currency Symbol HEX
Alternative Symbols -
Hex official Website Hex
Hex Transactions Explorer
Hex official Twitter Account
Hex Source Code
Hex Blog -
Hex Message Boards / Forum -
Project Start Date 12-01-2019
Currency Algorithm None
Currency Proof Type Not mineable
Open Source
No Open Source
Difficulty Adjustment -
Block Reward -
Block Reward Reduction -
Block Number 14700
Block Time 600
Net Hashes Per Second 199

Hex HEXHex Circulation

Current Circulation 173,411,074,413 HEX
Available Circulation 633,542,658,973 HEX
Total / Max Circulation -

Hex HEX Hex Whitepaper


Hex HEX Hex Logo and Icon Set

Hex Logo icon 16px Hex HEX Logo
Hex Logo icon 32px Hex HEX Logo
Hex Logo icon 64px Hex HEX Logo
Hex Logo icon 128px Hex HEX Logo

Hex HEX Hex Team Members

  • Richard Heart - Creator
Coins 17.425 +13
Market Cap $1.35T -2.9%
Volume 24h $157.33B
BTC % 41.7% -0.4%
ETH % 17.95% -1%
Last update 1 minute ago