Market Cap HK$9.05T -0.39%
Volume 24h HK$403.39B -10.49%
BTC % 44.43% 0.29%
ETH % 19.11% -0.05%
Coins 23.035 +31
Exchanges 840
Last update 32 Seconds ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h HKD Capitalization HKD
Jun-09 2023 HK$4.1092 HK$4.0990 HK$4.1269 HK$4.1092 HK$5,590,412,769 HK$213,626,236,320
Jun-05 2023 HK$4.2131 HK$4.1471 HK$4.2521 HK$4.2034 HK$18,552,620,999 HK$219,025,081,678
Jun-04 2023 HK$4.0979 HK$4.0417 HK$4.1045 HK$4.0677 HK$6,866,010,924 HK$213,035,600,754
Jun-03 2023 HK$4.1198 HK$4.0736 HK$4.1256 HK$4.1182 HK$18,769,999,455 HK$214,173,557,787
May-31 2023 HK$4.0563 HK$4.0106 HK$4.1368 HK$4.0898 HK$25,073,022,185 HK$210,862,723,332
May-30 2023 HK$3.9127 HK$3.8455 HK$3.9555 HK$3.8789 HK$7,552,155,398 HK$203,393,985,006
May-26 2023 HK$3.6141 HK$3.5510 HK$3.6597 HK$3.5631 HK$12,424,749,290 HK$187,477,112,222
May-25 2023 HK$3.5474 HK$3.4964 HK$3.5622 HK$3.5582 HK$7,218,276,971 HK$184,016,015,533
May-24 2023 HK$3.6117 HK$3.5834 HK$3.6498 HK$3.6498 HK$5,691,798,025 HK$187,352,170,880
May-22 2023 HK$3.6584 HK$3.5440 HK$3.6606 HK$3.5886 HK$6,101,018,659 HK$189,770,994,365
May-21 2023 HK$3.6900 HK$3.6731 HK$3.6931 HK$3.6773 HK$3,546,998,317 HK$191,414,038,738
May-19 2023 HK$3.6301 HK$3.5920 HK$3.6702 HK$3.6096 HK$14,128,849,703 HK$188,174,148,547
May-18 2023 HK$3.4990 HK$3.4789 HK$3.5266 HK$3.5178 HK$13,845,978,619 HK$181,382,909,712
May-16 2023 HK$3.3175 HK$3.3108 HK$3.3602 HK$3.3561 HK$9,556,684,635 HK$171,972,641,669
May-15 2023 HK$3.3699 HK$3.3189 HK$3.3772 HK$3.3393 HK$4,093,720,167 HK$174,690,535,141
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 7.83905 HKD.