Market Cap R$5.64T -0.35%
Volume 24h R$251.40B -10.83%
BTC % 44.43% 0.31%
ETH % 19.12% 0%
Coins 23.035 +31
Exchanges 840
Last update 1 minute ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h BRL Capitalization BRL
Jun-09 2023 R$1,269.69 R$1,263.37 R$1,282.67 R$1,280.59 R$2,702,608,116 R$197,887,680,121
Jun-05 2023 R$1,472.64 R$1,467.96 R$1,491.55 R$1,491.45 R$1,748,411,736 R$229,518,614,481
Jun-04 2023 R$1,495.11 R$1,493.86 R$1,498.99 R$1,498.03 R$1,221,127,464 R$233,021,765,654
Jun-03 2023 R$1,496.83 R$1,492.75 R$1,501.35 R$1,501.05 R$1,642,628,608 R$233,289,715,742
May-31 2023 R$1,499.19 R$1,496.99 R$1,523.65 R$1,523.05 R$2,018,814,726 R$233,658,491,194
May-30 2023 R$1,524.92 R$1,520.33 R$1,528.71 R$1,523.06 R$2,379,367,796 R$237,668,601,730
May-26 2023 R$1,477.96 R$1,476.32 R$1,489.88 R$1,489.71 R$1,786,261,696 R$230,350,674,196
May-25 2023 R$1,490.64 R$1,483.80 R$1,496.40 R$1,496.07 R$1,990,953,689 R$232,327,440,862
May-24 2023 R$1,507.84 R$1,506.74 R$1,531.70 R$1,531.70 R$1,655,149,762 R$235,008,660,385
May-22 2023 R$1,501.20 R$1,491.59 R$1,501.37 R$1,497.89 R$1,514,765,411 R$233,974,810,815
May-21 2023 R$1,520.29 R$1,516.70 R$1,520.77 R$1,518.68 R$1,378,975,764 R$236,949,668,382
May-19 2023 R$1,514.40 R$1,505.33 R$1,514.43 R$1,512.22 R$1,938,371,654 R$236,032,069,197
May-18 2023 R$1,528.57 R$1,528.19 R$1,536.43 R$1,534.23 R$2,193,492,706 R$238,240,971,438
May-16 2023 R$1,525.65 R$1,522.61 R$1,534.42 R$1,532.55 R$2,115,865,606 R$237,787,815,957
May-15 2023 R$1,539.37 R$1,519.75 R$1,539.37 R$1,524.53 R$2,224,182,344 R$239,925,291,189
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 4.882 BRL.